SFXT 'Problems'


So, as I’m sure we’ve all noticed and some have pointed out, SFXT has gotten a strong bandwagon backlash, and I feel so many of the ‘facts’ about this game are just misconceptions. I think we can all agree there ARE problems, but every game has problems. I know some trolls are gonna say “herp derp it’s godawful and everyone who plays it are retards, I provide no real reasons but if enough of us scream the same baseless junk, it’ll be come accepted as fact.” I’d like everyone who feels positively or negatively to post what you think is wrong or good about it, as long as it’s well thought-out.

Now here’s some of the things first that I DO think is wrong with it.

  • Universal walk speed so slow.
    Especially guilty on the Tekken characters. Some Street fighter characters carried over with great walk speed, like Akuma, Cammy, etc. But so many of the Tekken characters have Makoto-esque walk speeds and it annoys me. I feel like it was designed to be a fast-paced game but this just works against that.

The best change on this would be universally buff everyone’s walk speed who doesn’t have a decent one to begin with. I know this would be a pretty big change but I think it could help.

  • Gems
    Yeah, I think we all agree gems are stupid. It would be a novel idea if it wasn’t basically a rip-off of the League of Legends rune system, except in that game it fundamentally works because it’s online-only with a consistent profile; you don’t have to dick around and select them on different consoles.

Another problem with that is obviously the money. Runes in LoL are one of the few things that CANNOT be purchased with real money, you have to earn them. They also don’t do anything silly like make you auto-flash when getting ganked or do pings on the map when an enemy is approaching.

That being said, since most tourney rules consist of no gems, I don’t see it being a huge factor. Yeah, it’s stupid online when people just auto-tech and garbage but who considers online play the pinnacle of fair competition anyways?

  • Anti-airs are inconsistent
    I feel a lot of us are frustrated about anti-airs, and I agree on this one. The problem is a lot of characters have garbage anti-airs that trade or get stuffed frequently, yet a few have godlike anti-airs like Juri, Lili, etc. It makes jumping too strong which is annoying, and because of the tendency of anti-airs to trade or get stuffed, most people just end up blocking and taking whatever mixup afterwards.

I feel a decent change to this would be to buff everyone’s anti-airs who need it, BUT take away the counter-hit into juggle. This would make playing patiently a little more rewarding I think, but not cause every punished-jump in to lead to huge combos. I get this would take one of the unique flavors away from the game, but there are still air to air counter hit juggles which I’m fine with.

Glitches -
Yeah, they suck. No excuse, get your shit together capcom. Had the rolento freeze glitch happen to me in a tourney match when I was in a big lead. zzz

Cross Tatsus/Annoying character specific junk -
Yeah, there are a lot of annoying things in the game. This comes down to balance and capcom already showed some of these things getting nerfed. To be fair, there’s stupid annoying junk in SF4 too, like stupid Seth mixups, Vortexes, etc.


Now here’s some of the misconceptions about what is wrong this game that I think all have clear answers to:

  • Walking jab pressure
    Yeah, this is one of the big things I hear about. And coincidentally, one of the things I notice universally about people who say this is they never mention alpha counters. Alpha counter-tag ins are amazing against reckless pressure, among them being standing jabs; I get around 440 damage off any alpha counter, tag-in; that’s more than a raw super. Yeah, alpha counters require some timing, but good.

People imo waste too much meter on stupid things like fancy tag-in combos that aren’t optimized at all. Even worse when they do it off ABC launcher, which means a combo is already heavily scaled. When you learn to conserve your meter, your defense can become scary. I also have a pretty easy time just mashing backdashes out of them.

  • Cross Rush
    Me, I don’t have a problem with these. The ONLY thing I hate about these is someone like Vega who can ABC from so far away, but aside from that, what’s the big deal? They are easy, but poorly optimized chains that scale your incoming combo. They are very unsafe if someone just lets it rock instead of confirming it, and if they DO confirm that’s even more scaling.

The good thing about it is that it gives some characters with other-wise poor options some decent punishers, as well as making option selects impractical. Maybe you love option selects, personally I think any fighting game should be about making good reads and less about guessing games or doing rock paper scissors when you get to play both paper and rock.

  • Forward Rolls
    Personally, I like the idea because it effectively shuts vortexes down. Like I said, I think a good fighting game should be about making good reads and playing smart, not guessing games. If you read a forward roll, you can set up incredible ambiguous jump-ins among other things.

I feel this is good for characters who were free on wakeup. I can see some argue that with some characters who have amazing offense, this should be their downfall, but I dunno. A lot of characters who DON’T have amazing offense also have garbage on wakeup and it stops that.

  • Time
    So, I’ve mixed feelings on this one. Personally, I almost NEVER have timeouts, and it’s not like I play some hyper-aggressive team either. I mean, I play Jin and Ogre (pretty lame team) but I feel like people are playing too lame in general. People aren’t countering things like endless block-strings, doing Guile vs Ryu matches just throwing fireballs or whatever, but I hardly ever get timeouts.

I understand it’s a ‘mileage may vary’ thing, but I dunno. A simple solution would be to make every second slightly longer. I don’t play marvel so I never noticed until recently that every second seems to be like 2 seconds in reality, so maybe this would work. Giving characters things like better walkspeed and anti-airs would definitely help too.

  • Links too easy

I can’t speak for every character, but the ones I play have some trickier links. That being said, I don’t think fighting games should be about 1 frame links (even though I main and secondary two characters in SF4 who have 1 frame links) but about who can make better reads. Combos should be about capitalizing on opportunities when your opponent stops paying attention or you made a good read, not to show off your sf-dick on combos.

I mean, a majority of juggle combos in real Tekken (aside from ewgf juggles) are piss easy, but nobody complains about it because having incredibly tight links and tough flashy combos aren’t what make the game.

  • Pandora is weak
    I really don’t care. I would MUCH prefer a comeback mechanic to be too weak rather than too strong. It’s satisfying to know that when I have a dominant lead, they can’t do some random bullshit that isn’t risky and have a huge comeback. We don’t need any X-factor or random dp’s fadc’d into ultra imo.

It could use a tiny buff, sure, but in the broad view i’d rather keep it close to how it is. It really is a true hail mary, an actual desperation move, and it should stay that way.

Anyways, I’m sure there are more but let me know what you guys think. I think the game has had no time to evolve, with so many mechanics that nobody is using and people are getting frustrated trying to play it like street fighter x marvel. If you don’t like the game, that’s completely fine. Some may not like the pace, certain core mechanics or whatever. But it just annoys me when people talk about things that are not true or easily countered. If you agree or disagree, or have some actual points to bring up then that would be JUST SWELL.


I traded my copy of them game in. Concentrate on Marvel and AE, between those games, hype and fundamentals are taken care of. What else is there?


I like SFxT best of all fighters out right now…

1)better footsies and no focus system(which I never liked),
2)better damage,
3)more options because of tags and team synergy,
4)more options on how to use METER - giving advantage to smart players that manage and use it best,
5)better wakeup options(less guessing on wakeup and more fighting/footsies),
6)less throw centric,
7)less dropping 1 frame links(even top 8 players at evo have done it repeatedly),
8)awesome uses for cross arts and supers, much easier to combo into big damage.
9)more chances to win when you manage your 2 health bars/grey life recovery better than opp.
10)more resources available(2 healthbars, grey life, 2nd character/moveset)
11)no wakeup/comeback ultras(supers but meter is too valuable)
12)less bad matchups/more matchup independent(you have a partner to compliment your weakness and counter with) - if used correctly self balancing and equalizing.

Last but not least Gems, yes gems(NOT assist gems but they are taking care of them) are yet more options for you to fit the game better to how you play it. - You can buff a glass jaw yourself if you want to play riskier, or you can collect more meter if you like to switch tag and preserve grey health more.

You can use a character with crap AA in xT without it killing you, why? because you can back him up with a character that has awesome AA.

More options = The SMARTER player wins more often in xT.

AE is still OK, but more boring - knockdown = guess fest, bad matchups, one dimensional, throw heavy, and just plain played out in comparison.


I’ll hit a couple of these…

On Time Outs - I agree, as I usually only end up with time-outs when I’m using a team I’m unfamiliar with (thus nothing’s optimized) so I’m not getting the best damage options. But when using a team I’m comfortable with, it doesn’t happen too often. Then again, I’m perfectly fine with time outs since I tend to play Juri lame unless given a reason to go in (any time I start a round playing Juri super-aggressive, I’m doing it wrong).

There could be some help to this issue for the general public though, and I still maintain that the best option is stopping time for super/team super animations, since some of these can take up to 10-15 seconds off the clock and skew timer scams in favor of someone with an absurdly long super.

On Rolls - I love 'em as they are. If there were to be one change that I’d meet half-way on, I’d say make them throw-able, but that’s it, at best.

On Grey Health - I think the recovery speed is too fast on this, and a nerf to that would solve a lot of issues people have with time in the game. I shouldn’t be able to fully heal my character during the animation of my team super, for example (though right now it is a very nice trade I try to be conscious of - heal my injured character’s grey health and remove my opponent’s? YS PLZ).

On Damage - I think it could be increased - VERY SLIGHTLY - across the board. I don’t know if I’d suggest it though, since Capcom would probably go overboard and not balance the damage increase properly. In example… they’d probably increase Hugo’s damage but then nerf Poison’s damage. :rofl:

I can’t stress enough though that while there is a need for some character balancing overall (it’s a Capcom game, there’s always a need for some character balancing), the issue to me seems to be more that we’re playing it wrong rather than the game being broken.


I only skimmed most of this so I won’t comment on anything else – but no. We don’t all agree on this. Gems are a first week problem – the only thing wrong with gems right now is assist gems and those aren’t going to be an issue for much longer. The game’s entire system is designed around gems and a vast majority of the problems we’re dealing with stems from our refusal to use them. There have been several tournaments that have allowed gems to positive effect. I think exploring the characters and invest time into really learning to use gems will have a positive effect on the game – running away from something Capcom has already states is and will remain a main part of the game is asinine.


I can see that. I can give or take gems, I’ve never really looked into them cause it seems a thing that was universally hated/banned in competitive play so I never bothered doing it. I think it’s interesting but I dunno. Sort of like how items are always gonna be a part of smash but are generally turned off in tourney play (inb4 typical ‘smash isn’t fighting derp’)

I do think almost all of us can agree though that assist gems are whack. I like the idea of other gems allowing different play styles, for instance Ryu getting equipped either for better zoning or offense, but i’d like to see how it pans out.


You guys already know my standpoint on Boost Gems and Assist Gems…so with that said…I think it should be noted that people actually want Boost gems in competitive play, however the issue lies in the fact should it be only limited to “standard gems”?


They haven’t even released the worst of the gems yet, you guys are in for a hell of a ride if Capcom continues their gem release plan.


wtf, there’s more? it can’t get any worse than that ultimate defense gem. that’s for damn sure.


The rebalance is crushing assist gems, which are one of the few actually bad things that spawned this hatestorm. They wouldnt be THAT bad if they had a timer and activations like other gems, always on makes them horrible.

They will soon be a thing of the past anyway since cap is hearing us out.


After playing several hours of both SFxT and AE on Saturday online, I have come to the conclusion that I really like rolls.

Getting blown up by ambiguous cross ups just isn’t as fun as it used to be. Actually, that was never that fun.


There’s an appalling lack of Q in this game, and I have a problem with that


Anti airs are my biggest annoyance in this game. With how bad some are it basically makes jumping little to no risk and attempting to anti air is in many cases more a risk than jumping… I sometimes play Jin and his c.hp looks like it’d be a fairly decent anti but most of the time it misses entirely and you eat a giant combo for it. And then you got mr masters that apparently can fly around the stage with tatsu’s all day and even characters with good anti airs have difficulty dealing with it.

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yea, the metagame for this game is wonky. bunch of jump ins because characters lack some of the most fundamental aspects. ken for example, is pretty fucking bad. but for the simple fact he possesses some fundamental tools ( AA’s for example ) on top of tatsu, makes him an “solid” character. which speaks volumes on how incomplete a majority of the cast is.


There shouldn’t actually need to be a limit after the patch – from the sound of it they are making assist gems incredibly detrimental.


Q with tag partner Makoto. Because…um…story. Who cares. They want a damn evil magic aggression box lolFIGHT.

I am very very curious to see how this patch falls out. Some of the changes sound EXACTLY right (assist gems scaled back, tatsu derpiness reduced).

I’m worried about the damage/grey health thing though. If damage gets universally boosted AND healing is reduced, playing lame will be rewarded even further in this game. Guile, Akuma, Raven, Ryu, etc all get much better and characters like Hugo, Asuka and Marduk are going to eat infi plasma to the face with no real way to get back in the game. I really don’t think damage is a problem in this game - I think the timer makes the damage seem low. I really don’t want this to be a game where one punish means KO. Save that stuff for Marvel. I really like the damage level in this game, it’s kind of a nice middle ground between the SF4 series and the Marvel series.

Jab pressure doesn’t bother me that much…offline. Maybe it’s just bad Canadian internet but alpha counters are unreliable at best for me online. Yes, I’m bad, but I can do them offline with little difficulty. Seeing jabs toned down a bit won’t make me sad.


Alpha Counters are unreliable in general against anything other than multihit specials. I don’t think the timer has anything to do with the game’s damage issues – I think all of that comes from people not using gems effectively. I think once we start seeing more gem usage a lot of those issues will dissipate.


Alpha counters have been my best friend. The damage is fine in this game,L L L LMHH is what is keeping people from using optimized combos, Rufus= dive kick hit confirm L L L LMHH into whatever combo and it looks like they did nothing 2 my health at all

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I hate those combos, and frankly, I forget they exist. Most of the time if I do HH its by accident, I feel like you should be required to do H+H instead of being able to do HH…

Alpha Counters, though, haven’t been the best to me except in instances where I know they are going to use a multihit special or something similar (like countering Hwo’s Dynamite Kick when you know he’s going to try and make a string safe). Otherwise, the input can be incredibly annoying, since its very easy to get hit when you’re prettying f+H+H at the wrong time.