SFxT Reasonable Tier List


Imo this is how the characters stack up when played by high level players. Posts your opinions.



SFxT has D tiers imo.

and the chart looks terrible. sagat, dhalsim… what.


A tier list based on opinion is pretty damn useless…


I think it would be best not to think too much about character tiers.

And what is Dhalsim doing in the upper tiers? Hugo is much easier to use (with the right partner) compared to him but he’s on the opposite side? o_O


Yeah list is ass, but it’s probably about time a tiering discussion thread was started.

Before you ask why the list is ass, it’s pretty obvious you’re basing it off popularity with a few of your own ideas thrown in there, the grapplers are all quite low on the list, even though they are very good in SFxT and a bunch of lesser used Tekken characters are completely forgotten about. No way in hell is Bob close to being low tier for one, and Lili and Nina are two of the better characters on the Tekken side, and the game in general. I doubt you could even give me a legitimate reason why Law is so low either.


Move down sagat and dhaslim a little imo chuns better than both them. Move up hwo, nina, zan(why is he not top tier), vega can punish almost every chain In the game so he needs to be higher, lili is at least best mid tier, hugos not great. But he’s def not shit. And y is law sooo low his ground control is great and if u get hit its a lot of dmg. Ken should be where lili currently is and jin should be a little lower and julia maybe a tiny higher


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