SFxT results as fast as I can find them


Edit: Looks like the Srk Evo hub is uploading the results just as quickly as I am, so just go to this link from now on:
^Scroll to the very last thing before the comments.

H23: w: RickyO. l: cuongster
H24: w: danke. l: Richard Nguyen
H26: w: Eita. l: deebo.
H27: w: Replay
H28: w: Dakou l: Cjtruth
H29: w: Eternal Rivals. l: Umezono

i23: w: PNOY. L: edamame
i25: w: kazunoko. L: Amir the Bear
i27: w: Laughiltration. L: Chocoblanka
I28: w: Chris King. L: Chris T.
i29: l: Alex Valle & Online Tony

j24: w: Sakonoko. l: John Anger
j25: w: Luis Yanez. l: Lord BBH
j26: w: Mov. l: Rip
j27: w: Xian l: Shusty ko
j28: w: Combofiend. l: Floe.

Will update them whenever I find more info, feel free to give input if you know more than I do.

Note: JiBbo seems to be streaming some SFxT on his droid phone on his twitch.tv account.
It’s something at least.


me and crizzle won our pool =p


Did they only do top 4 on stage/stream? I was there the whole time, so I don’t think I missed anything…

God dammit, Evo heads sabatoging this game more and more every chance they get.

Oh and I’m Luis Yanez. Made it out of pools with my tag partner TeenIdol :smiley:


Yep, the only games they streamed were top 4, and it was pretty disappointing. Wish I had been able to see earlier matches, particularly the quarters and semis, but oh well.

Congrats on doing so Mr. Reppa, losing to a top8 player is not too much of a disappointment I hope.


H27 was team Replay’d: RPD gridman (Raven) and RPD Noobtron (Chun-Li). They ended up getting 9th place.