SFxT Rivalry and "Pop off" thread:SFxT drama edition

Someone spouting misinformation about your favorite character? Wanna expose that one player for the fraud he/she really is? Or just create some friendly competition? Well look no further than the SFxT Rivalry and Pop off thread, where all the magic happens. If it comes to fisticuffs please make sure its recorded and posted, we want to see the carnage at hand. This weeks rivalry and pop off comes from The Cool Kid,known for his Cody and Bob play vs. Darknid, they settled their little dispute with a FT5 with the results being 5-4 Darknid. Unfortunately these matches have not been seen by the public, but im sure it was a grueling fight. Next we have “The King” EmblemLord, known for his vast Sagat knowledge and play vs. Big Boss aka Yung Ice, known for his tricky Lei, but plays a handful of other characters, will there be a FT5 to settle their dispute on Sagat? WILL THE LOW BECOME THE HIGH?! Stay tuned!

I doubt a thread like this will benefit anyone. I only see it hurting the community, as most threads like these do. However, to be honest, posts in threads like these are also generally entertaining to read.

It doesn’t always have to be angry posts, that’s why i also add friendly rivalry. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, and a lil bit of pop off on the side.

Calling out ALL Blanka mains and anybody considering picking him up.


I could’ve sworn I already made one of these, but because I lost it, eh, might as well have this one.

I’d leave myself open to takers, but I’m going for Combofiend tonight! >:D

I think you are all Injustice fanboys. COME AT ME.

Lol I saw Guile’s taunt when I read that o.O

McDonald’s is better than Burger king!!!

I’ll back that up for anyone he doesn’t have a good connection with. Stupid green shit head animal…

It’s true lol.

BK is pretty bad when it comes to burger, and I HATE that they throw disgusting jalapenos on every burger like there exists nothing else.
Only their fries are superior, but that’s about it. They used to have a banana-split milk shake which was the tits, but they scrapped that =/
McD is just better and has way more variety.

That’s coming from a country where McD is way more popular in general than BK tho, and where Pepsi is regarded by many as 2nd class Coke.

Justin Bieber is better than Justin Timbe-w8 stop right there!

To all the Dhalsim mains…fuck you ON BLAST WHAT!

Edit: F Gief as well

. I’m eating that right now while reading this. I knew u were cool…cool kid lol

Five Guys is better than both of those pos fast crap restaurants. :coffee:

Strawberry pop tarts ftw!

Is that why you have the pink theme outfits? The Bison one was pretty dope.

Aw naw lol. I just love making new colors for my team. I do it very very very often

McDonald’s? Ugh. God I hate that crap. Flavorless and it always makes me poo like 5-6 times within a couple of hours after eating it.

But it’s also the only thing I can eat at work that’s close enough to walk to for my 15 minute breaks, and I always miss breakfast because I always wake up about 15 minutes for I have to go to work, so I always end up eating McDonald’s. FML.

Oh, what was this about? Rivalries, okay. Well, I haven’t really had strong rivalries since elementary school, so I’ll bring that back.

“Fuck all you assclowns playing SF2 and MK2. SamSho2 is where it’s at. It looks like DBZ *and *it has fatalities. Best of both worlds.”

I didn’t think anyone would take my suggestion for this sort of thread seriously. O___O

But, hey… you know… it’s here and stuff, so… all you um… Juri and Cammy haters, and… you know… like yeah. Stuff.

…I’m really not good at this sort of thing.

Well why not? didn’t think it would turn into general discussions type talk, but im sure some will kick some shit up sooner or later…fuck yo Marduk/Juri it’s totally ass… :smiley:

SFxT is NOT a terrible game!