(SFxT) Second-slot characters?

I don’t know if this would be more appropriate in the SFxT boards than the Newbie boards, if it is feel free to move it.

What makes a good second-slot character, and who are these characters anyway? Is it just Tekken characters or grapplers, because that’s what I’m seeing everywhere. Right now I’m using Asuka just because it seemed right and I didn’t want to pick some big beefy grappler like Hugo or King, but she seems like a pure rushdown character in this game and I prefer to zone and keepaway. I always hear that zoners like Ryu, Poison, Vega, etc should be in the first slot and aren’t good second.

Are they just overthinking it, or is there anyone that can zone that’s a good secondary? (Jin maybe? He is a Tekken character…)



I’d rather flip it around. zoner first and whatever else second. works imo WAY better.

That’s what I had in mind, actually. I use Poison first, was just wondering if there were any characters who could zone, that go well with her on the second slot.

any other charcter will prolly work.

The meta game/team formation of the game is still of developing. Right now I look to have someone who can do solid damage off of a tag in my second slot.

Team synergy depends primarily on how well they’re able to handle a variety of matchups, as well as their ability to land damaging combos off of tags and tag cancels.

Nobody has no definitive team, just pick a variety of characters and experiment for yourself what works.