SFxT Side Tournament for EVO 2014


EVO is the granddaddy of all fighting game tournaments, the Super Bowl of the the FGC, and where people gather on a worldwide scale to mine the salt of their fellow members of humanity, regardless of whatever language barriers separate their trash talk. This year, Street Fighter x Tekken will be returning to Las Vegas with a $10 side tournament starting 10 AM PST on Saturday, July 12th. The tournament will be recorded in its entirety via Avermedia Portable, and a PC-free commentary setup will be put in place so that those big-time matchups can get the hype they deserve. The revolution WILL be televised!

The rules are as follows:

-All setups will be on 360
-$10 to enter, registration will begin Friday afternoon. We’ll be collecting fees before pools begin, or you could pay when you check in Friday. Alternatively, you can pre-register here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1FaRDuIhNH1fL-upzcnCGvWfrGG7yF4Cgdg0JbQTI3pA/viewform and we’ll collect it when you get there. If you’d rather pay electronically ahead of time, e-mail the TO Psychoblue at sfxtevo@gmail.com and we’ll figure something out.
-best 2 out of 3, 3 out of 5 Grand Finals, Double Elimination
-Tournament standard Gem Sets
-Bring Your Own Controller Policy

We’ll do our best to be accommodating for those of you who play other pools throughout the day. Our primary concern is to showcase what Street Fighter x Tekken does best: rise above the hate and steal the show. For two straight years, SFxT was the MVP of hype at Final Round, and last year saw new blood rise through the ranks and make Top 8 at EVO in Street Fighter x Tekken. What new surprises and tech are in store for us this year? We’ll find out Saturday, July 12th, 2014!

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Hell YES! Wish I could be there! Will definitely watch from home if you guys can stream it!


Sadly, no streaming as the bandwidth cost would be in the quadruple-digits. We’ll just be recording everything on Avermedia portables and uploading afterwards…but we’ll have live commentary regardless! Maybe we can have Ono-san wander over to us and rattle something off XD


sadly, can’t join. But best of luck to you, the organizers, and all participants! Will definitely watch the recorded matches when they’re up.