SFxT Special Edition Arcade Bank frustrations!

alright, so i found out you had to apply pressure to the sockets for stuff to connect. but i forgot to place it correctly so that the small indendation is facing the front of the arcade stick for the side that has the slot. am i screwed?

in other words, according to the way those little sockets are designed, can i pull them out without breaking anything or is it stuck and no bank for me.


this thing was one of the most frustrating thing’s i’ve ever built, and coming from a guy who’s built a bunch of misc. model kits over the years!!!

So first i broke off one of the pieces when I was trying to insert them into the slots… that sucked

and then I did that exact thing, with the wrong indentation, and had to “remove” the piece and redo it. well one of the pieces snapped off…sigh and it wasn’t even easy to snap those parts in to begin with!!! the good thing is after the whole thing is completed, it’s actually pretty sturdy and stable

i almost wish this thing was some stupid cutout made of cardboard still…

Yeah, ill be damned if that thing wasn’t a pain to put together. I’m glad that it wasn’t made out of cardboard though. This thing looks like it will survive for quite awhile.

I would try to contact Capcom directly, and see if they have a solution or send you a replacement.

You know they gave you this so you can save up for the next version of the game right?

Hahaha the second they announced it that’s the first thing that came to my mind.

You can take it out I did took me like a few minutes to do but that top part was a pain in the ass to put on took me 30min of me pushing as hard as I can but the end results look pretty good definetly worth the extra 10 for me :smiley:

At first I thought I had defective pieces cause the damn pieces wouldnt fit, it required so much force I felt I was going to break the plastic. I am honestly surprised at the sturdiness of the plastic even if this is a cheap looking bank, it just feels like it can take quite a beating.

15 min no directions for…naaaaaaa this thing took me about 30 to 40 min to put together my daughter was trying to play it lol

I thought the same thing turns out the directions for it was on the back of the gem code paper.

Man I did the same thing I was so mad I was able to take it apart (very hard) and the next day I put it back together but I did almost break it crap was poorly design that bank is seriously worth a dollar at best.

I’m suprised I didn’t break mine I kept hitting it with a hammer so the piece could get it even was gonna try filing it so it can fit haha

I didn’t get no bank and got Ono and Harada bobbleheads. :sad:

Put bank together no problem… backwards. The indentations were facing the wrong way. Am I screwed? Going to call Capcom tomorrow.

My friend destroyed his.
Then again, that’s because he’s a top-tier ragequitter.

I am not.
I will have this fuckin’ bank built before tomorrow.

I had my musclebound friend over for the midnight launch, he was also hammered… got that thing put together in a jiffy, beer muscles are not an lie.

Very annoying to put together, I actually used a hammer (put a cloth around it to lessen the chance of breaking plastic). When it was finally finished the back panel was not fitting right but it looked alright form certain angles. eventually i got pissed and didnt care if i was going to break it and the whole thing snapped into place. Felt like i unlocked an achievement.

For some reason, this really amuses me; Most people (including myself initially) didn’t see the gem code side and only saw the instructions first.

yeah why put the gem dlc on a tissue paper with the bank instructions? stupid capcom.

well, these banks are designed to stay in the slot unless you want to snap it off the flimsy plastic. so i have to sand the parts down (i put the top on backwards) and than use epoxy to glue to together nice and shut.

The code was the first thing I saw when I took out that arcade bank package…

and people like me saw the intstructions, something people throw away very hastily these days.