SFxT, SSF4AE2012, UMvC3, KoFXIII, T6, BB @ DVD Ave (Inglewood, CA)


Hey everyone! Just wanted to give everyone a heads up about a spot I’ve been going to for a while now.

We’re located at 951 N. La Brea Ave, Inglewood, CA 90302. We currently sport only one setup, but it is quite a setup.

It’s 25 cents per play or $3 to play all day ($2 all day for members). The store is open every day from 11AM to 9PM. We have about 8 members who are there regularly to challenge so please feel free to stop by at anytime.
Edit: We have increased the number of setups at the store to 2.


looks like a cool setup, though how’s the input lag on the tv?


Honestly, I don’t notice any input lag. Then again, I play there all the time. I’ll look into getting you a concrete number on the input lag for you. Thanks for the reply.


That’s pretty cool actually. I’ll post here if I end up stopping by.


not really good on the sticks, can you bring your own controller. using a xbox 360 madcats pad.


Yes, you can bring your own pad. We also have PS3 pads available for people who prefer that as well. I’ll be running the shop tomorrow from open to close so everyone who wants to check it out feel free.



yea ill go check it out monday. looking for challengers anyway. just to make sure i got it right. i suck on the arcade stick. just good on a regular controller.


I live less than a mile away so ill definately check this place out… Sweeet…


@Shin That sounds great! Please stop by anytime, we’ve always got challengers! Also, we’ve just put up our current store rankings for AE and we’re currently running 11 deep so come on in and challenge our list! I’ll be at the store all day today again so come on in and I’ll try to accommodate everyone the best I can.


I may drop by tomorrow to take thrones and steal crowns.

-Is it arcade style where you put in $.25 and play until you lose? Or do you have to put in $.25 every time you play a match?

-How does membership work? Are there fees? Do I get a free rentals if I get a 20 game win streak?


It is arcade style where for $.25, you get to play until you lose. Membership is more a part of the DVD rental function, but it does have benefits for the game side. Members pay half the normal price to play all day, which is normally $2. Members can also become part of the DVD AVE ranking list we have in store. For the rental side, having a membership allows you to rent 2 movies at a time. Membership is a 1 time fee of $10. We plan on adding more perks to membership to make it more viable. We don’t have anything for 20 game win streaks but I bet if you suggested that to the owner, he’d be down to implement that for sure. Hope to see you tomorrow, I’ll be dropping by the shop at around 1PM.

Edit: I forgot to mention that there is a promo for non members. If you pay the $2 to play all day, you also have the opportunity to win a free membership by beating the owner of the store in a First To 5 in AE.


-1 PS3 Setup (A second setup coming on the way)
-2 TE’s (The TE on the left [1P Side], has a pretty loose stick, but you are free to bring your own controller or stick)
-PS3 Pad(s) Available
-Input Lag: It’s noticeable during the first few matches, but you’ll get used to it after a few minutes; it’s nothing terribly awful. It’s similar to many other monitors that lag so if you’re used to playing on laggy monitors, this may not even affect you at all.
-SSF4 AE 2012

The manager (Danny) is a really cool and friendly guy. He’s really enthusiastic about the game and is hoping to get more regulars to play in the store. Just coming from me, he’s one of the few people in the store that’s good at the game (SF4, his main game) and takes the game seriously so that may give you all a better understanding of the feeling he has about wanting to play new and better players.

Everyone that goes there is really chill and pretty laid-back. Most of the people there are pretty casual players and so the only negative thing I can say about this place is that it isn’t the best spot to play (yet) if you’re a well-experienced player looking for good competition until other people start coming out.

The store is pretty well located. It’s not hard to find and there are plenty of places to eat that are located in the same plaza or just across the street. It’s in the same area where WNF was when it was at Hollywood Park and it’s not too far from Proud Bird and Four Corners.

The store is open from 11am-9pm, but Danny’s is usually willing to stick around past closing depending on who all is there. This is usually when it gets fun since there are no customers any more at this time. Latest I’ve been there was 1am.

$.25 per play is as good as it gets (other than free). Other than that it’s $2 all day. If you beat Danny in a FT5 (in SF4) you get membership to the store and it becomes $1 all day.This is definitely a spot that should be given more attention and you should at least stop by at least once to check it out.

Another image of the setup worth posting:




He’s got KOFXIII, btw


Just bumping the thread to let everyone know that we got SFxT now.


I live about five minutes away so I might swing by your store. What are good nights to go?


Sunday is the best night to show up for sure. Tuesday and Wednesday are also pretty good too, but Sunday we usually have about 7-8 people.

South Bay, CA umvc3 players? (310)

Bump for a great place. Owner plays a very legit ryu and there’s a solid group of regulars


u guys play sfxt over there?


Yeah, there’s about 5 of us who play it regularly. We’re getting more into with the patch coming out soon.


New Set-up


Also, Mondays seem to be the best days to play SF4.