SFxT "state of the union"address


Had a very interesting conversation in the IRC chat this evening on the state of competitive play in this game. No this isn’t another why don’t people play this game discussion, but more of a are you guys satisfied with our competitive state discussion. The game has been out 2 years now. But do you guys feel that the competition is up to par? Do you feel we are at or ever will reach the competitive status of say sf4 or marvel? Do you feel that any of us could place in tournaments if the likes of ryan hart, ricky, justin Wong, pr Balrog, and Chris g took this game seriously like they do marvel or sf4? What kind of improvements can we do as a community to better our players who might move on from this game in the future? Share and discuss your ideas.




I’m not satisfied. I’d like to see team matches in competitive play.


Nope. Because none of us (no exclusions, myself included) are being competitive / driven enough.

Until we are, tourneys will keep having the same 20-30 people showing up, and the tier lists, tech etc. will evolve even slower.