SFxT Steam update?


I logged onto play Street fighter X Tekken on the PC and i found it had a 5.5mb update which added dlc (which can’t be downloaded). Also i tried the kazuya infinite and it still works…anyone know when it will be totally patched for the PC version or am i not seeing something here?


the pc patch matches the 1.02 console version.
practically only sound and netcode fix (which isn’t working very well).


Wait, you seriously can’t download the already-there DLC? What a joke.


damn i was excited when i saw the update too…


Wow. That’s all? That’s unbelievable!


Just these two yeah, they enabled looking at all the new DLC - but it won’t be released yet (when? no idea).

The fix was for the sound issue, and we hoped it was going to take care of the netplay issue - but reports have been mixed on that. Fixing the sound issue means the netplay WILL get worse, just by design. One can hope though… :frowning:


that’s capcom bullshit excuses in the first weaks after release of the initical console version.
a rollback based netcode doesn’t have to trade off input lag and sound drops. the dev team probably didn’t noticed it because of perfect connections in their mp sessions or they just didn’t knew how to fix it.
(shortly after the shitstorm about it an article came up from the dev of the netplay client “rollcaster” how to avoid sound drops in rollback based netcodes)

besides that. the sound is now fixed in the pc port but the netcode with all its teleport lags is still a mixed bag online.
even with local friends it’s not sure beforehand if the match will be fine or a lag desaster.