SFXT stick ground question


i got a SFXT stick,it’s for xbox 360 and i dual modded it with a chimpSMD, now i’m wondering if it is necessary to connect ground from the buttons and from the joystick or only the signal wires…


the joystick pcb and xbox 360 pcb will need to be grounded to the chimp pcb. all of the signals will also need to be connected to their corresponding terminals on the chimp smd


The Chimp’s terminals are all labeled.

All you need is one of the ground wires from the Mad Catz Xbox 360 PCB gets attached to one of the many ground terminals on the Chimp.

I usually do one ground from the joystick wire harness, and one ground for all the buttons, not including the USB gnd. Its Overkill, but it doesn’t hurt.