SFxT TE Fightstick Pro in Red - Rare?


Is this stick particularly valuable? I can’t seem to get an idea of the average cost. The one seller I did find said that there were only 1000 of these produced. Is there any merit to this?


Not sure myself, but I saw one selling for $120 on bay area craigslist recently.
You can also try asking in the The Price Check Thread.


Oh jeeze - didn’t see the price check thread. Thanks!


I see James’ foot.


Weren’t these supposedly only given out to a select number of top players?


I don’t think so, I saw them on Craigslist and Ebay many months ago new and used, I bet the Hello Kitty one is rarer.


Rare or not, its red… not many red sticks.


There was a limited run of 1000.

Found the original post with that pic too: Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade FightStick PRO - Official Thread


I have one of these :slight_smile:


I’ve seen thsee sold locally from 40 to 50 dollars on Craigslist