Sfxt: Theory and discussion

I’ve notice a lack of discussion on the topic of how this game works and what your basic strategy should be while playing. I currently do not have an in depth understanding of the game, but think a thread like this would be helpful in getting the creative juices flowing. So, feel free to discuss in strategy or tech that you’ve been using and why you think it’s useful and how you implement it in your game.

For me, I’ve been messing around mostly with team synergy and block stun. What I’ve noticed is that counter hit set ups linked into chains seem very important in this game. The problem that I’ve been running into is that to use this strategy effectively, you have to use bar. I started out with Vega/Sag and once I began using this tech, I noticed I never had enough meter, because I would want to ch into chain canceled into ex roll with Vega, but I needed meter with Sag to get his ch set ups rolling. I started using Kaz/Sag and what I noticed is that Tekken characters have shorter range on their chain combos, but they can be cancelled.

This seems like great synergy and a good reason to have both a sf character and a tekken character on your team. Kazuya can hit hard and build meter on his own and doesn’t really need to use it because he can cancel his main chain into combos. Then, sag comes in stocked with meter. Seems like it could really be a big part of the game. However, like I originally said, this is all theory in hopes of getting more discussion on how the game is played sparked up.

Another thing that I think will be strong is characters that have moves that allow you to os tech rolls, like Rolento and Yoshimitsu pogo moves.

That’s all for now. I want to check out some frame data and hit the lab a little more in this game and hopefully get a vid out or something once we get a solid idea of how the game works.