SFXT Tournament look out ver. 2014 plus Facebook group?

Tournaments for cross are pretty rare but they are out there, I want to travel to some and collect free money (jk) but seriously even in the tournament thread on SRK it is still very rare to find find one listed with other games so I was wondering if anyone had any links to some they can post outside of majors and also I was wondering if there was a facebook group to join. Im apart of the Tekken one and its pretty huge because of the well known names and strats they share. If there isnt one Id like to start one if you guys where down with that

Depends where ur from. If you happen to be from the philly, pa area there’s a group on Facebook I’m part of

I made a facebook group recently that could serve this purpose.


We should definitly put the facebook group to use. Already signed on myself :3