SFxT v2013: Paul Changes


  • Startup 4F->5F
  • Block stun reduced by 3F (On block +2F)
  • Push back on block increased
  • Hit box reduced
  • Hurt box enlarged
    •** Close HP**
  • Startup 12F->7F
    Far HP
  • Startup 18F->12F
  • Recovery on hit reduced by 6F (-3 => +3F On hit)
    • cr. LK
  • Startup 6F->5F
    • cr. MP
  • Startup 6F->5F
  • 6F added to boost combo (On hit -5F/On block-9F)
    • cr. MK
  • Push back on block when used in boost combo reduced
    • cr. HP
  • Hurt box reduced
  • Startup 8F->6F
  • Recovery on hit reduced by 12F (-10 => +2F On hit )
  • Damage 90->80

[LEFT]Command Normals / Strings[/LEFT]
Bone Breaker => Demolition Man

  • If the 1st hit (df.hk) is a counter hit, the 2nd hit and Demolition Man will now connect.
  • Advantage frames of 2nd hit increased by 2F
    Demolition Man
  • Demolition Man can be canceled by Burning Fist

• Sway

  • Strike invincibility changed across all versions to 5F
    • L. Sway
  • After frame 15, can cancel with special moves other than Sway
    • M. Sway
  • Recovery reduced on hit by 4F (+2 => +6F On hit)
  • Invincible against crouching attacks
  • Forward movement longer than backward movement
  • Reduced push back on block
    H. Sway
  • Reduced block stun by 2F (-6F => -8F On block)
  • Reduced push back on block
  • Damage 100->150

• Shredder

  • First hit Hurt box reduced
    L. Shredder
  • Startup 10F->6F
  • Damage 20+20+60(100)->30+20×2(70)
  • Invincible against air attacks
    M. Shredder
  • Startup 10F->6F
  • Damage 20+20+60(100)->30+20×2(70)
  • Invincible against standing/crouching attacks
    H. Shredder
  • Startup 10F->6F
  • Damage 20+20+60(100)->50+30×2(110)
    Ex Shredder
  • Startup 10F->7F
  • Invincibility time changed from 1~9F->1~11F (most likely 1~8F after the latest startup change)
  • Will now hit crouching opponents

Mountain Raze

  • Float on hit is same as EX ver.
    EX Mountain Raze
  • Startup 20F->15F
  • Full invincibility from startup to 17F
  • Knockback on counterhit same as normal hit

Mortar Punch

  • Becomes midair state right after startup
  • Damage 90->130
  • Ground bounce on counterhit
    EX Mortar Punch
  • Can change distance by pressing left or right on the direction input

Phoenix Smasher

  • Counter damage is 230
  • Camera work changes on counter hit
    EX Phoenix Smasher
  • Sound Effect on hit is same as final hit of Ryu’s EX Shoryuken
  • Counter damage is 200

Push Away

  • Damage 150->130
    Foot Launch
  • Damage 150->130

• Forward dash

  • Reduced frames by 6 (total 17 frames)
    • Walkspeed
  • Increased

[LEFT]Special move meter gain:[/LEFT]
• Mountain Raze: On hit 40->35
• Shredder: On hit 20×3(60)->10×3(30)
• Sway (L): whiff 15->0
• Sway (M): On hit 40->35
• Sway (H): On hit 40->50
• Mortar Punch: On hit 40->50
• Phoenix Smasher: whiff 15->0/On hit 40->62

Very nice for the walkspeed!

"- Invincibility time changed from 1~9F->1~11F

  • Will now hit crouching opponents"

This part is for EX Shredder, not HK. I guess they made a mistake and forgot to write EX Shredder down when translating.

So does this mean no walkspeed buff or maybe it’s just not listed? Buffed forward dash might make up for it anyway

Can’t wait for this update, need to test all that new stuff.

I surely hope he still has the walkspeed buff. I mean, it was announced, so they probably just forgot. as street mentioned, they messed up EX Shredder changes as well AND mp sway. I bolded the most important buffs and underlined the most impacting nerfs.

-even tho while his forward dash is still crappy in distance, it could open up CADC combos for Paul after c.hp anti air and makes his throwing game alot more threatening… up close at least ~_~. with 17 frames he’s on par with the best of the tekken side. (only yoshi’s is faster).

-Foreseeable, but I don’t know why they increased the start up AND reduced the block stun. only the latter would have sufficed. He only has 1 <5 frame move now. c.lp with 4 frames (but almost no range).

-cl.hp is +5 on hit and -1 on block. The faster start up helps to land it in the first place, also means you could be able to use it instead for c.hp for some combos.

-Lucky CH crumble during footsie. Now it’s actually usable… occasionally. Could become a decent anti air too.

c.lk is bad and this change won’t change that. can’t combo into anything but chain combos.

-This leads to new combos! cl.hp, c.mp will become the new best punish combo start up, as cl.mp, c.hp has been nerfed in damage.
1 Frame link tho.

-c.hp was already somewhat reliable but a bit slow and his only decent anti air.
This makes it a force to reckon with, 6 frames decent enough. Damage change hurts his bnb, but that can be counter acted with using the new link. Hit stun nerf means that c.hp xx ex morta is probably a goner. also makes a ground CADC combo / pressure game with his new forward dash impossible…

Shredder and Sway needed the most adjustment out of all the specials in the entire game.
-5 Frames attack invincibility for all mp and hp version now (had 1-3 before; LP sway remains unchanged) won’t be very noticeable probably. the backwards movement is too slow and covers too little distance that you barely could dodge a c.lp.
-L sway change could lead to some interesting baits. walk up, sway, smasher/morta to counter hit a limb. or block string into lp sway xx smasher to catch mashers.
-M sway, finally a use for that move! low invincibility could make some footsie battles easier. could it even stop c.lp? we’ll see. still 37 frames start up tho - so it remains to be used as a guessing gimmick. the change to hit stun is wrong. it’s +2 at the moment, so it’s either now +6 buffed, or -2 nerfed. therefore, on block its -7 would become -3 or -11. if you can combo afterwards, this would make it an interesting footsie tool as the forward movement is increased. also something for baiting.
-H sway. still crap. no change to its awful start up (30 frames), no perks and unsafe. 150 damage isn’t prolly worth it.
-no change to ex? seems odd.

  • LK Shredder is a new fail save anti air option for Paul! awesome! 6 frames too, so it’s either a safe 70 damage or with c.hp xx more damage for a bit more risk.
  • M Shredder. probably won’t see much use. the range is still crappy and it doesn’t hit crouchers. limited reversal (at least he now has one!)
  • H Shredder. combo only. (and here it does 10 more damage)
  • Ex Shredder - this got me teary. finally he has a REAL reversal. somewhat slow and you need to hit up close, but it’s still way way better then before. now you gotta respect paul’s option. at least when he has meter.

-The change itself turns the weird link you had to do before into a total joke - will be so easy to connect now. The question is if Raze has the same juggle properties like Ex Raze as you could never test it in the current version, if it does, then this change alone gives Paul WAY more damage in combos, this will be in EVERY combo, since it allows to combo with c.hp xx HP smasher / Super afterwards. (now I see why c.hp got a damage nerf).
-Also, who would have guessed, a 3rd reversal! Before it was 1-4 invul, 5-18 projectile invul. Could be a new counter poke tool AND you can dodge almost every chip attempt.

40 more damage, which is nice for the c.hp xx morta anti air options. (on counter hit it combos, otherwise it’s a free overhead mixup). Does also 10 more damage then smasher, so it might be a new combo ender for some combos. gives the move a better risk / reward ration.

-NOW we’re talking. sadly they don’t seem to have buffed the -9/-10 on block at all (after they nerfed paul in the last patch for no apparent reason), so it’s very risky to throw out randomly. At least this is alot like the Tekken version of the move :3
-I don’t know what SE means nor what makes the final hit of Ryu’s Ex shoryuken so special - someone kind enough to elaborate?

-df.hk ~ Punch ~ Demolition Man is now a true combo if df.hk counter hits - even mid screen and with the other change you can even combo into his super.

-meh. that was his only real strong point - his throw damage. sad panda.

Another note:

This is a TREMENDOUS nerf to Paul’s meter gain. You could build decent meter with this move (in particular with gems active). I know that this is a system nerf, but it still hurts him a big deal.

All in all, if you take into account how other characters have been nerfed, he could be somewhat viable. I still don’t see top tier potential as he still has some glaring flaws, but it’s acceptable.
I’m surprised about the non ex shredder and mountain raze changes, but I do miss a few other things:
j.mp and c.mk faster. hp smsaher back to -5. lp sway a real command back dash or better backdash.

I only needed one reliable anti air and reversal, so I’m happy with what he got.

But what troubles me is the that every other tekken characters also got buffed, most tekken character can easily deal a decent amount of damage without any meter. The only downside was that they didn’t had any decent anti air and some had a really hard time getting in.
Given the fact that most Street Fighter characters got nerfed, that you gain less meter on whiff and that chain combos are more punishable now was already enough to make up for most of the flaws the Tekken characters had I think.
So I’m starting to get worried that the game is gonna be really unbalanced…I hope I’m wrong tho.

Catchers are also gonna be a huge problem now I think, all the catchers got buffed, and I already thought that they were pretty deadly especially Abel and King (both characters I use btw).

I don’t see what mean “SE” too… however, i’m fine with all changes but yes, i hoped a HP or at least a LP Smasher more safe… i loved chip and make my spacing with that move! And i hoped a fastest start up for the normal Mortar too.

And yes, catchers are pretty hard to fight for Paul i feel that too… so you really need to play a character with Paul which is good against that catchers.

i think the “SE” is referring to the sound effect on an EX. They want it to be impressive like in tekken, probably the same reason they added in the camera effect if it CH’s.

It’s not only hard for Paul but for a lot of characters I think.
I started using them more often ever since that ridiculous assist gems were released and I was doing really good with them.

I don’t think that phoenix smasher has to become safe on block, it deals a lot of damage and it also functions as combo-ender.
It’s kinda like Ryu his soudan kick :wink:

By the way, if they mean hitstun reduced, it is usually a mistranslation. Most of the times it means recovery unless they show that the frame advantage actually got decreased (not the case with Paul’s cr.HP, which is -10. Just checked with Japanese blog and it says recovery on hit is shortened. However, H sway was -6 and it actually got the 2f blockstun nerf. Checked with Japanese blog as well.)

So now he can LP Sway xx Phoenix Smasher CADC for a double backdash? :lol:

Yes, MP Sway should crush crouching attacks now just like it does with launchers (Launchers crush cr.LP for example)

About the SE, you know the “ching” sound at the end of EX SRK right? I think they’re referring to that.

need footage of that srk thingy. can’t picture it from my memory

mh I think that double backdash isn’t very viable. his normal back dash sucks too much I think x). I do think c.mp xx LP sway xx MP Morta or something could be a decent trap tho. or with a 230 hitting smasher, but here is the risk WAY greater.

btw a little calculation for a new combo:
[409] j.hk, cl.hp, c.mp xx LK Raze, c.hp xx HP Smasher

might be even possible to use cl.hp for a tad more damage.

I don’t think it would be viable either. I do think it might look funny as hell :D.


SE at around 0:18

[409] j.hk, cl.hp, c.mp xx LK Raze, c.hp xx HP Smasher

About this combo, it might even be possible to do cl.st.HP or cr.HP -> cr.MK xx HP Smasher at the end since cl.st.HP has low recovery to begin with (for a fierce), and cr.HP would have 12f less recovery.

I dunno if that will work in case of juggle points - you can totally do s.mp, s.mp, c.mk xx smasher or maybe even with new HPs maybe s.mp, c/s.hp tho.
both do more damage (I actually just forgot the first combo). will be around 440~450 damage seeing this does [435] j.hp, cl.mp, c.hp xx ex Raze, s.mp, s.mp, c.mk xx Smasher

lol @ SE - best buff in whole of 2013 x)

Completely forgot about that combo. Then again, I rarely used EX Raze. Juggle-point wise, it should perfectly work, since HP/HK only adds 1 juggle point just like most other normals.

It would certainly increase combo damage in corner, since it’ll most likely be possible to do cl.st.HP -> cr.MP -> cr.HP. Can’t wait to find new stuff with Paul.

That’s what I enjoyed the most about SFxT - training room sessions to find all the combos x). will do that day one for paul, but for cody someone else has to do it as I sold my box copy and have no DLC chars for my PS3, will go back to guile/paul for a starter.

imagine c.hp CADC c.hp CADC c.hp would work in the corner xD

BTW, I read the Japanese list again, and there was one mistranslation:
Bone Breaker => Demolition Man

  • When 1st hit of Bone Breaker counter hits, 2nd hit will connect and cause ground blowback -> When 1st hit of Bone Breaker CHs, it’ll cause ground hitstun in which the 2nd hit will connect
  • Advantage frames of 2nd hit increased by 2F

it means the same right?
Bone Breaker => Demolition Man combos if df.hk is a CH