SFxT v2013: Paul Changes

Sway light & Medium I will be using it more (dunno the on block frames), Mortar and Raze as well, are any of these safe on block or does Paul have no way to get in and stay in, including frame traps?

Quick question: Does paul have a way to combo off of his overhead without having to use meter?

Only on Counter Hit which is really the point.

If you have good reactions you can cancel f+HP overhead hit into PS, but if you’re even a bit late in the cancel it’ll not combo.

looks like cl.st.MP in boost combo has its frames not changed, leaving it as +4 on hit/0? on block. Unfortunately, you cannot do cr.LK xx cl.st.MP -> cr.LP cuz it’s out of range, so cr.LK will have to be boost comboed til Launcher or an EX move. cl.st.LK xx cl.st.MP -> cr.LP and cr.LP xx cl.st.MP -> cr.LP are still possible in point blank range tho.

Super will always combo but if you’re having trouble with the Phoenix smasher, use light phoenix smasher instead, it hasn’t failed me yet :smiley:

Is it just me, or did f.MP use to have the opponent descend quite slowly when you hit them high up in the air? Now it seems they fall with full speed. I used to be able to link MP sway after a f.MP that connected high up, but that barely seems to net me any extra time now.

Which setup did you use? I’ve both versions running at the same time so I can compare it.

I’m nearly complete to test most stuff. be in for a surprise!

Just AA f.MP as high as possible. I think I also did jab, f.MP after EX sway in the corner or something like that.

Btw, I noticed trials aren’t patched, so if you ever need to compare something after all of your versions are patched, that’s the place to go.

that’s some tricky timing. I just did it in the corner in vanilla, but haven’t been able to do so in this version. that doesn’t mean anything tho, as it could easily be two 1f links. MP sway could have been changed as well.

I just did a frame by frame comparison and the height doesn’t seem to have changed. at least not as CH vs ground.

-hp sway -8. :heavy_check_mark:
-mp sway -7. :heavy_check_mark: (it crushes btw all crouching attacks, even those that hit very high (e.g anti airs))
-EX Raze 15 frames. :heavy_check_mark:
-s.hp -8. :heavy_check_mark:
-c.hp seems to be -14 on block (instead of -16). - so that’s a hidden change.
-Super has actually 8 Frames start up (for some reason, I thought that was always the case tho) - That was in vanilla also the case.

  • I also measured how much his forward walkspeed got increased. By a mighty 20%! That propels him past Bob and almost onto the level of Law and Lilli.

  • You can combo ch cl.hp \ c.hp CADC c.lp.

  • You can also combo into HP Sway, which is with 150 damage by far the most damaging special move. Sadly, you can only do it after a RAW shredder\ex sway. =\

  • smasher TAG cancel is now -5 on block - it was +9 pre Patch 1.06!!!. >_>

From what I can see, PS is still as unsafe as pre-patch, and its recovery didn’t seem to change, leading me to believe that the blockstun has stayed the same for LP and MP version (HP version got its reduced when the frame advantage got nerfed). I honestly do not understand what could’ve caused such a huge change in TAG cancel frame advantage. Did you try this for both versions in the same position of the map? If so, there could’ve been a nerf in when ppl can cancel the tag dash into another move.

That’s why I mentioned patch 1.06 (v2013 is 1.08). I have no clue if it was changed then, or in v2013 tho, since I only have 1.00 vanilla on my pc due to some reason. Frame wise, it doesn’t make much sense either, but here I am, blocking sagats ex uppercut, super, ryu’s shoryuken, can c.lp before zangief’s 0frame super and everything in vanilla version, but eat a mere 5f mp uppercut in v2013.

The position actually doesn’t play a role from what I have gathered, but I have done it several times with various distances to the corner.

I’ll see that I get hold of pc 1.07 patch and will test it again then.

I tested it in 1.06 PC. Apparently, the partner gets hit by Ryu’s Super, which is supposed to have 5f start-up.

However, this is when I test only blocking. If I try to block, the partner dashes up to point blank range of the opponent, while you can cancel that dash into a normal much before that. My laptop sucks very much, so I’ll fire it up again tmrw when I’m done updating windows.

I hate that “bound” terminology, it comes from a stupid Tekken 6 mistranslation and for some reason it stuck around ugh.

You don’t need to press anything for it to be safe in pre 1.06. So it’s most likely the case that it was due to the HP smasher nerf back then. However, it could be that tag cancelling blocked moves could have been made worse in v2013 on top That would explain why it got reduced by such a huge degree rather then just 5 frames.

How should I call it then ? It’s what they use on the tekken wiki http://tekken.wikia.com/wiki/Bound

“Bound” is just Engrish for Bounce. I mean if you look at the animation the characters are literally bouncing off the floor…

Actually characters could already Bounce off the ground before T6, acting like a relaunch (e.g. Law his f+1+2 on CH, Bryan his WS+2(f+2), Bryan his b+1 on CH)
As far as I know the new mechanic introduced in T6 has always been called Bind or Bound, probably because they didn’t want to get confused with the aforementioned Bounce.(?)
But don’t worry I used to call them bounce in the early days myself :smiley:

If u still doubt me http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/legend.php

  • B! stands for Bound (state)
  • BN stands for Bounce juggle starter

So ralenzo, did the change to raze get rid of its safe jump capabilities?

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Yes, because you’re much closer to the opponent.
On the other hand, you can always cross them up now, so it’s actually better than before :slight_smile:
Altho u might be able to come up with a safe jump by neutral jumping, I haven’t tested that out yet.