SfxT v2013 steve



Has anyone tried him post patch? The untechable bound from the counter hit overhead opens up gimmicks like confirming to foxhunt then EHDC into overhead for a full combo from bound. If they catch on it may finally give a good place to land his command dash throw which I’ve never found useful. Also the faster cr. Hp has made his corner loop of (cr. Hp xx foxhunt xx ex Hellfire) pretty simple for decent damage.

Also, I’ve noticed they’ve taken away the unscaled launcher damage though which is actually a bit of a pain. Has anyone else found any new or more useful tech?


Dunno if this is new for 2013, but if you tag cancel Albion combination, your partner’s first move counts as an AA Juggle Point-wise, meaning you can start the juggle with something like Ken’s LP SRK (which usually adds like 5 juggle points on juggle, making it almost impossible to follow up), and still get a full combo after it. Sadly Steve can’t utilize this bonus without tag cancelling.


Did any patch notes say that they made Steve’s F.mp/hp cause sitdown hitstun on counterhit on crouchers? Less of a setup than the overhead because the move can be blocked low, but now when you do a f.mp you have plenty of time to either hit light punch normally or if counterhit link c.hp and get huge damage. Could Steve always do this?

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