SFxT ver.2013 Community x Team Development thread

OK, first and foremost I’am ripping this idea from the Marvel 3 forums. With thw new patch out, I was thinking as a community we could start diving more into the underdeveloped characters, see what kind synergy,tech, and strats they bring to the table. I mean we know what Ryu and Kazuya can do as a whole, but what do we know about Elena or even Raven? These are some of the characters we can flesh out and show the potential of if we all work together.

I think this is fine and actually because of the limits of the system it can be faster to explore than in Marvel. So what characters are we going to look at first?


I think NOS has really exposed the bob game, but who to partner him with… I suggest Marduk cause thats who I play heh.

That is something we need to decide as a community, so lets wait until some more give input.

Imo a bunch of slept on characters are ibuki,raven,christie,elena,abel,king, marduk, balrog, even yoshimitsu. and some of the top characters dont feel as fleshed out since they are reduced to being boost combo slaves, like cammy and rufus.

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What do you mean by slept on? I doubt anyone is going to find anything about Ibuki that I don’t know about already, except for more ways to kill her with less effort.

Sounds like a good idea to me. It’ll progress faster then the marvel thread for sure, and various characters can get some spot like. Honestly, this thread, and that character thread that intuitive made should all be something more prominently posted/viewed so we can expand the community.

In terms of the first character of Choice, Bob would be fine. Or start a poll with select characters and go from there.

Dang cant no one mention ibuki without you flipping out huh? Ok guys dont mention ibuki she is shit, craptacular, bad,totally ass, so dont bother trying to make her work AT ALL! :wink: . But when srk gets fully back up i will do a poll on which characters we should work on first.

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I don’t think Jack is fully explored and I don’t think Sagat is either. I started working on something with sagat the other day but it has wonky execution to me. Low step kick kara cancel tiger knee then immediatly CADC forwards or backwards depending on whats going on. I’ve used it to move quickly across the screen and used it to bait out big whiffs. Knowing my luck this is probably already known but I just haven’t seen it or read about it.

Reminds me of this:

I used to play ken and Gouken in ae and ken’s kara focus dash is what made the idea come up for me. So this isn’t a widely known thing already? If not then yay for me! I’m helping lol

Ken actually has a couple of Kara’s in this game now that I’m thinking about it.