SFxT youtube channels?


I got used to seeing bunch of great SSF4 replays in my subscription box from YogaFlame, Xblackvegeta, etc every day. Are there any good xT channels on youtube (or elsewhere) with quality content?


I made a channel recently for my SFxT replays: http://www.youtube.com/user/CADPgamer
I plan to add a new vid every week so subscribe if you’re interested. (^-^)




Thanks for your replies, but is that all!? :slight_smile:
I know that SFxT is a controversial game, but to such extent…

That’s a useful thread on the topic but it has only streams listed in it. Maybe I shouldn’t be looking at youtube for fighting games anymore?


yes, to such extent…


I put up some videos here and there and I"m experimenting with stuff.


It’s mostly going to be flooded with 3-4 games all around. AE2012, SFxT, P4U and when VF5FS comes out, I will take a stab at that.


PIKACHUAKUMA uploads top player matches sometimes.


I upload replays of my better matches, just don’t expect much in terms of high level play (from me I mean…).



I put up some matches once in a while. It’s usually something I found interesting/cool. Link in the sig.


Just watched your last video. You seem to have a 100% success rate with EWGFs? Most players drop it at least once in a game. Fairly impressive.


I’m fairly consistent but it’s impossible to be 100% consistent. Practice is the key. Thanks


Most people have seen mine. I mostly only host cutscenes and various other stuff. I’m not as hugely skilled as most but I play a mean Zangief if I do say so myself.