Is SFxT going to relegate Gouken to obscurity? I went online to play SSF4 last night and where I can usually find 20+ lobbies, there were only 4.


Probably. I’m not jumping on the SFxT bandwagon. The 12 on disc “DLC” characters was the last straw for me.




The game is meh, getting back on ssf4.


Planning on juggling both games since I don’t give a shit about Marvel, though I don’t mind watching it. Also Climaxter, I’m not sure if I added you to the gamefaqs psn ssf4 chatroom, theres usually a few people in there. There are some killers, Once I was in a room with 3 other players all over 5kpp, I was the odd one out at somewhere between 38-4200. It was active as of last week, though I don’t know if its been taken over by sfxt.


I am loving SFxT, though I will admit I hope they add Gouken and Karin eventually. Currently getting my countering(hers now appear to be 1f like Goukens) and angeld fireball needs from Juri, she is so much better than her AE version it isn’t even funny, she does damage and juggles in the corner like she’s Gouken now too.

I dont think AE is going anywhere, but SFxT is definitely gonna take most of peoples time the first few months getting used to them(I use xiaoyu with Juri, dear god that girl has so many specials, it’s like she wanted to get close to dante or something) and being training mode.
That said I just park myself in a large stream lobby on PC and play sfxt training mode, so I manage both^^


lol. But it’s not out on PC yet, is it? So you have two consoles?

It’s gotten really distasteful. It’s pretty much flat-out extortion, from like 80% of the consumers.

I don’t even see the justification. They are already charging full price, so what’s with the holding out on some of the content? It boggles the mind.

I think I will buy it, however. But I’ll wait until the last update patch is released on the PC version, to avoid that ludicrous delay between the console- and PC-updates. “It was so much fun to play an inferior version for six months”.


People just don’t understand how DLC is going to play out. I said this before in arguing against DLC…

If people keep paying for characters and all this crap they will eventually ship you the framework of a game with nothing in it so that you can “tailor the game to your individual needs”, and by that, I mean you can purchase everything separately and if you do, it will total up to like 120 dollars.

You see, DLC is just the developers way of charging more than the standard price of a video game.

You paid 60 dollars for SFxT and then they ALREADY have 12 characters waiting. If the price is 5 dollars per character… that is an extra 60 dollars.

Remember when DLC was an exciting way to add new content to a game gone stale instead of content already produced yet kept from the consumer so that they can charge more?

This is just a simple fact I am stating. It is not an argument for or against DLC so don’t come with excuses like get a job, it’s not about that (and I have a job).

The simple fact of the matter is that DLC is now a way to charge more than the base price of a game, and they do that by developing content alongside the game that in days gone by would have been on the disk and free, but with the advent of DLC it is now purposely kept from the consumer in order to charge more for the game.

It is NOT a side budget, i don’t care what game developers say. The simple fact that the purchase is optional means that it is not a side budget. Game companies wouldn’t put extra resources above and beyond normal development just in the hopes people would buy it. It makes much more business sense to include it in the original budget, separate it out, and then sell it. This way, even if not a single piece of DLC is sold the original purchases of the game cover all resource development. The separated content is just gravy.

Believe it.

Business is business. If I was running a company I’d do the same thing if I could.

EDIT: I’m seriously waiting for a game to ship that just has Ryu and Ken and 4 stages and then you purchase characters and stages a la carte.


I feel similar, that SSF4AE has become rather desolate recently, it’s really hard for me to find high lvl players, i think partly because i’m in the UK, so USA & Jap areas are bad connection to me.
I haven’t brought SFxT, i am considering it, i would like to get back into a game where there is alot of fresh players and community excitement.

But the more days go by the more bugs, glitches, DLC, infinites, timeouts i’m hearing and it’s quite putting me off. And there’s no Gouken >:[


The biggest issue I have with SFxT as it currently stands is the sound or lack thereof. Shit is jarring that it comes in and out, makes hitconfirming a bitch too.


Heard Heihachi or whatever is the equivalent to Gouken. Can’t handle pressure, hard to land big damage combos, has counters… lol
Except pressure this SFxT is suspect right now. Knockdowns are incredibly shit because of fully invincible, no recovery, tech rolling.
Just going by word on the forums, though.


Trust me he isn’t, the only similarity is that they are both old have a counter and do damage(they don’t even get it the same way).

Not to mention he actually has a shoryuken. Heihachi has a very strong close mixup and pressure and a character like him doesn’t really exist in SF(they did a great job making tekken characters ahve a different feel).

For overall feel(as I mentioned above), Juri is actually a lot more closer to Gouken than say AE Juri is to Gouken thanks to her added juggles especially in the corner(though on a tagin she needs no corner) and her counters now being 1f. I always felt Juri was a faster take on Goukens concept with angled fast recovery fireballs, counters, a weak wakeup game and great love of having an opponent in a corner(though to be honest which character doesn’t benefit from that?) Got Xiaoyu on my team to have my own personal makeshift Gouken be really true, she brings the DF divekick to get them a lot closer to my own frankenstein.

Actually I meant I am playing AE on PC, got my xbox next to my PC and there I play SFxT in training.


It’s good to see that so many of you are still loyal. I am really dedicated to Gouken regardless of all the bitching I’ve done about him (and still do). I have no real intention to buy SFxT. Being that I am involved in so many other things outside of playing games, although I consider myself a closet vidiac, I just don’t see having the time and stamina at this point to relearn a fighting engine, characters, match ups, as well as all the possibilities with teams…etc. I will most likely go down with the SF4 ship.


If you did, I would have no idea about how to get into it except searching through gamefaqs. I don’t have an account there but that’s not a big issue.


I just read about how free the wake up tech rolls are, can’t be thrown out of them nor jabbed out of them and they have zero recovery.



From what I’ve seen so far, tech rolls(if guessed) can allow your oppoenent to do an even more ambiguous mixup on you. The few times I’ve seen it come past weird stuff was abound. They are a nice extra wakeup option for sure though, don’t get me wrong :slight_smile:


I have barely been on in like a week or so because everyone is playing that game and I don’t want to buy it. I know they say there won’t be a patch or an update but c’mon… You know there will. Plus auto combos not being able to be turned off is a deal breaker for me. I don’t care who uses them but I don’t want to accidentally get one plinking or karaing


They never said there won’t be another update or patch, they just said you will never have to buy another disc, it will all be DLC.


I didn’t pick it up, b/c there is something about geting hit a retarded amount of times and not being able to do diddly shit about it. Prob the same reason I didn’t pick up Marvel … hit that mofo and keep hitting him. . mashers paradise.

I think I saw Desk land about 3 hurricane kick tags with Ken and then kept juggling with King’s knee and I immediately knew I wasn’t going to have the type to understand how to prevent all of this bullshit and then learn how to do it as well. :slight_smile:

I guess I’m just a fan of balance, … but I also play with Gouken soo…


Actually what you described uses 3 meter and creates so much hitscaling it’s not even funny. Hugo actually might do more damage with only a single bar. As for , aside from the infinites found(which will probably get patched pretty soon, Sentinel health style :3 ), the game is looking really balanced(unless you were dead set on playign Megaman or something) and believe me when I say it IS a lot of fun.

I am really hoping we see Gouken and Karin down the line though, with how the game works Gouken would be a beastly character on 2nd, tagging him in for gatlike damage at the end finishing with a tatsu, tag in, ages to charge up a super and try to catch them as they fly out of the tatsu :smiley: