SFxTekken Buy now Buy later

Ok this is getting stupid now, does Capcom think people are idiots?!?

Just enjoying my tuesday and read this http://shoryuken.com/2012/02/21/psvita-street-fighter-x-tekken-due-in-the-fall-will-have-more-characters/


WTF!?! screw it I’ll wait for SFxT xxx Edition and get Mass effect 3 instead. Thanks Capcom

So you’ll pass on a game with a lot of DLC to pick up another game with a lot of DLC?

12 characters to be banned from tournament play, RIGHT??? RIIGHT??? Tsk Tsk Capcom never ceases to amaze me.

I’ll wait for the game to get in the bargain bin.

I laughed at this. I was thinking the same thing when I read Mass Effect 3. Does he not realize how much day 1 DLC that games going to have? You know there’s more coming too.

The fact that you’re implying there’s no difference between console exclusive characters, of which two have completely different hurt boxes than the rest of the cast, and 12 characters that are going to be on DLC just goes to show you don’t know anything about what you’re complaining about.

Mortal Kombat 9’s DLC characters are in this Evo…

If any of these ends up as Vita exclusives… I’ll make sure to destroy every vita i see, be it in stores or the hands of a friend or stranger.

This game simply screams “don’t buy me release day” a lot louder then Mass effect 3 does.

SFxT- buy now when the number of people playing it is at peak

ME3- buy later when it eventually ends up on a $5 Steam sale

You right I’m just gonna buy some weed and forget these games ever happened

If we think a little about it… If these characters will be console exclusive for Vita version (released half of year after PS3?Xbox version), this announcement two weeks before PS3/Xbox premiere is marketing suicide! I don’t think that there are idiots in Capcom headquarters, they know what effects this decision brings. If we can’t play as Alisa/Cody/etc., they should annouce these exclusives couple of moths after premiere. Otherwise they are completely retarded, I haven’t any other explanation.

So, we should wait to 3rd March to know everything. If they’re DLC, or I can’t even play as them, I gonna buy PC version later, from the second hand. I don’t wanna be raped in anus without vaseline by Capcom.

Not what I was implying. Basically what Im saying is that, if these 12 characters being released for DLC, if they are allowed in tourny and are required to figure out if I wanna play competitively, then I’m coppin out from buying this game. Tho if they are banned then my rage will subside :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t Capcom say they’re hoping to only have one disc release for SFxT, and all future updates as DLC? Probably won’t be buying another disc in 12 months, and if you wait to buy the bargain bin version later, you’ll probably just have to buy all the DLC anyway.

Anyway, whatever. It’s a marginal cost for a game you might end up playing for hundreds of hours. Not sure why people are stressing over $20. I think most people are fine buying it and having fun with it.

Also, I think we all know that any proper SF or Tekken characters will find their way to all consoles. They aren’t going to have 12 Vita-exclusive characters that aren’t gimmicks like non-fighting game characters.

Of course they’re going to be allowed. Look at Jill and Shuma, they’re tournament legal right? Now the real difference there of course is that you’re talking about two characters as opposed to a dozen, and that’s where the real questions begin. With some many more characters, you’re going to assume people will actually play these guys, which means unlike Shuma and Jill there’s even more reason to get the DLC.

That what I was thinking, I saw that Desk video last night and thought “capcom take my money” then i read about PSV version. I bought 2 street fighters and 2 marvels last year each time trading in the older copy for next to nothing why does Capcom think gamers are happy to do this?

In my country $20 is like $80. Exchange rates, you know. Maybe it’s not fortune, but still… I don’t wanna pay this money just for things, that should be in the game from the very start.

That is assuming people buying at the bargain bin are interested enough to buy DLC. The fact alone that they’re waiting for it to hit the bin should tip people off of their level of interest.

I just want to get in that scramble mode trolling. That’s just me personally.

Read that and feel stupid, OP.

At this rate the 12 extra characters will probably roll out on consoles before Vita version in the fall of 2012.

DLC is not really prevalent on mobile. At least not on PSP and 3DS. The PSVita version is basically all of the stuff we’re getting from now until fall.

If you don’t have a PSVita or you’re not getting one, this is still good news as it confirms that these characters exist and they line up with some of the rumors about characters.

Whether or not you like DLC or not (I don’t) they’re here to stay. We can blame Activi$ion, EA, $ony and whoever else that churns out big software for tossing in DLC into music games, adventure games, whatever. It works and it sells. It’s popping up in our fighting games and RPGs.

Lol don’t blame them blame the people purchasing. If people didn’t buy they wouldn’t do it.