SFxTekken General Discussion Thread

well chains cancels to special/supers should comeback, no point in arguing that. the thing i was thinking in your post Mowr was you said chaining the same strength normal like you could in DS, while there isnt anything inhertenly bad about that in its self i fear that by doing so, either damage scaling would take a larger toll or…general easy to do combos would be long and plentiful for meter building. this could potentially offset the balance alittle because there are characters now with loops already them taking advantage of this would just prolong the loop even if it doesnt do much damage the meter build would be worth it~
I still like your idea though its a good take on how they should advance the chain combos then being generic A,B,C combos, but even if they become A,A,B,B,C,C it doesnt look much different from before~ but also i think of more characters had command normals with wall bounces or floor bounces this would help change the verity of a combo( knowing when to use the bounce) anyways i got class in a hour so i’ll see you guys later…or…i mite check things out on my new smart phone…yay for upgrades…

You’d think after that huge explosion of Ken Scrubs in SFIV Vanilla, people would be more tired of Ken than of Ryu. Especially since now Ryu has more specials than Ken does in SFxT.

Yup, I know that. But 4 is also the bare minimum to keep things interesting. And if a game can avoid it by all means it should do it. The fewer Chun/Yun/Ken or Mag/Storm/Sent/Cable in gaming the better.

speaking of special moves who has the most of any SF character

EDIT: only moves that has an ex version

I’m guessing Ibuki.

For those who don’t look and comment on the character threads the Nina thread has been updated and the Bob thread has been updated MAJORLY with properties on his moves and how they work.

I’ll be back later with more information on move properties to other threads. The poison thread seems to be done so next will be Lili, and the other Dead threads like Raven, he will get a lot of gameplay videos too and explainations on how his specials seem to work.

Sad face. Trust me when I say if I could scrap together a more official movelist and some other videos I would!

anybody want me to test some stuff out at nycc? i’ll be recording and trying out every single character.

Any Raven related info would be nice.

Jaguar Man please.

We need more King stuff

Good character select music can make even the worst fighting games that much better.

King and Marduk please…they are under appreciated for the most.
but if you could please check out other move properties for Hugo too and the revealed characters~

Which is why I think SFxT needs better character select music. Although, I guess I can get used to the current one…

if you got a Xbox…then play w/e over it~


Just Kuma.


(a bit from Poison/Rolento woudln’t hurt, either)

Can you test some stuff about the less popular characters in this section just to give them some more of a gameplay background.

Raven,Nina,Bob,Guile,Kuma,Yoshi,Abel,King and Marduk for now too?

They should get whoever composed for Tekken 5/6 to do the character select theme. 5 DR especially is fucking pumped.

If not for Mag/Storm/Sent/Cable, MvC2 would have died years ago. If anything, we need more characters with as much strong options as they had and less characters like those that made up the low/bottom tiers of those games.

I’d really like it if they made the theme somewhat like Vanilla SF4 or like TT2. As for like TT2 make the theme more like that.