SFxTK FightPad PS3 + SFxTK FightPad XB360


I am in the middle of giving my DIY joystick XB360 support by hacking a SFxTK FightPad.

I am very new to doing all these … and I’m wondering if I buy an additional PS3 FightPad and do the same hack plus an IMP or DPDT switch, does that make my stick dual? Does this setup actually work?

Or, any cheaper or “more normal” solution if I wanna add PS3 support to my stick?

I know I can get a ChimpSMD or MC Cthulhu, but they’re out of stock everywhere and they’re not cheaper than a PS3 FightPad …



You can get the chimpsmd or mc Cthulhu from http://godlikecontrols.com


SFxT isnt cheaper than a chimp…