Hey everyone. I’m not necessarily new to fighting games but this is my first time actually trying to get competitive with them. And as such, I was wondering which game would you guys say I should focus on first: Street Fighter x Tekken or Street Fighter IV?

I know it really boils down to my own preference for the most part but to be more specific, which game you all believe to be better for me to learn and get a firm grip on the fundamentals of fighting games as a whole? I’m talking footsies, okizeme, the whole nine yards in the aspect, the real meta-game of fighters. I do hear that SFxT is good because there is no FADC to make unsafe attacks safe or to avoid being out poked but I also hear SFIV is good because it’s a classic 1v1 fighter with no tag partners to bail you out of tight situations. So…what do you guys think?

Either game will teach you fundamentals. I personally feel SFIV has a superior game system and better balance. It also has a much larger community.

You can learn the basic fundamentals from both games…whatever sets them apart would be up to what you to decide which one you like better.

Rent both and see which one you like.

For me, it’s Street Fighter IV over SFXT. Why? Basic fundamentals are there, but better in SFIV Plus, the game has longevity.

They’re both decent for learning with. The most important question is: what is the most popular game where you live? Most likely the answer will be SF4. If you really want to get good, you should try to find locals to play with. If there is no SFxT scene near you, it’s probably not the best game to learn on.

Yup! like the posters above, Super Street Fighter 4: AE all the way. And you have the Ultra version coming out with 5 new fighters (4 of them from SFXT) and that’ll add longevity to the game.

SF4 has a bigger community but despite what people say isnt as balanced as SFxT and also wont teach you fundamentals as well as SFxT. It does have a new iteration coming soon-ish though. I dunno, I’d say both games have their faults and both have something over the other one (SF4 looks better, is much more ‘noob friendly’ as well, SFxT has better netcode if you are thinking of playing online, it also rewards fundamentals much more than SF4, tbh feels like a bit too much at times)

Thanks everyone! I feel more comfortable booting up and learning the ins and outs of SFIV then moving on to SFxT with the feedback I got here.

SFIV has a larger community base as of right now, but if your looking into really getting into hardcore competitions I would say get both; because both are different in the game mechanics but both will also teach you the fundamentals.

For example in SFIV your going to be in 1v1 fights where your going to have to plan your attack, read your opponents, also you might be put into a spot where the only way out is EX at the right time.
SFxT you can always call for a member of your team to help get you out of a jam, you can also set your teams up reduce the weaknesses of an individual character.

My opinion is both so you can learn the fundamentals (for the most part your going to be executing moves with the same commands; ie Hadouken), Different mechanics and strategies, and increases your range of tournament options.