SFZ3 Version - Vism Timing

I recently bought a SFZ3 for my PlayStation 3 (Asian console, backward compatible) from ebay. However the timing for Vism is very different and some combos plainly do not work (Akuma OTG etc).

I suspect it has to do with the version of the game that I bought. Most of the wordings is in Japanese so I cannot tell if it is the Upper version or not. It does have the “28 + 3” chars though. It also has the “World Tour” option (not sure what this means as the surrounding words are in Japanese).

Is there an alternative SFZ3 console version where timing of Vism combos work?

I did abit of digging and I think the problem is due to the dip switch setting. However I am not sure how do I go about changing this on the Jap version of the game. I tried holding “R2 + Start” on option mode but it did not work. Any tips would be appreciated.