SG 2/25 Weekly Results(GGXX,MvC2,3rd Strike)

Results from Tuesday 2/25

MvC2(12 people)
1st Venie Guien(Mag/Sent/Psy)
2nd John Pertgen(Rogue/Cable/Commando)
3rd Daniel Nguyen(Storm/Cable/Cyclops)
4th Jose Alvarado(Mag/Storm/Psy)
5th Dan Le(Doom/Cable/Sent)
5th Ivan Rivas(Mag/Storm/Psy)
7th Carlos Jimenez(Cable/Doom/Commando)
7th Brad Carney(Sent/Cable/Commando)
9th Chris Chou(Megaman/Sent/Tron)
9th Matt Doinidis(Cammy/Storm/Psy)
9th Martin Phan(Mag/Cable/Sent)
9th Javier Moreno(Sent/Cable/Commando)

GGXX(16 people)
1st David Hem(Johnny)
2nd Jimmy Tran(Axl, Slayer, Venom)
3rd Kevin Turner(Chipp, Johnny)
4th John Bunn(Dizzy)
5th Chris Chou(Baiken)
5th Venie Guien(Sol)
7th Khang Le(Potemkin)
7th Javier Moreno(Faust)
9th Darrell Wiley(Anji, Baiken)
9th Harold Tran(Testament, Sol, Millia)
9th Dan Le(Dizzy, Ky)
9th Chris Villarreal(Testament, Eddie)
13th Brad Carney(Sol)
13th Gene Flowers(Testament)
13th Jake Green(Sol)
13th Kevin Curtis(May, Bridget, Ky)

3rd Strike(11 people)
1st Chris Wong(Oro)
2nd Harvey Chang(Urien)
3rd Khang Le(Alex)
4th Tuan Phan(Makoto)
5th Joe Congdon(Yun)
5th Adrian Ross(Yang, Hugo)
7th Jimmy Schwenke(Ken, Hugo)
7th Dan Le(Yang)
9th Javier Moreno(Ryu)
9th Chris Chou(Q, Ken)
9th Brad Carney(Akuma, Yang)

The important thing is…

John P didn’t win :smiley:

Good job to david hem. keep up that Johnny.

Chaotic Blue

takes a sip of Hatorade:evil:

i can’t concentrate while being yelled at in my right ear!!! … but Vinny can’t help but get mad wen i he get’s hit with the stupidest shit ever thought of , by urs truly…:smiley: :lol:

it works.