SG - A:Championship Mode

How much GP is required to get into SG - A? Thanks in advance for answering.

70,000 you’re welcome good luck.

Thanks. Going to be a long time before I get there.

Yea 70K.

Howmuch you have at the moment?

SG-A? Nobody knows…right now only people have gotten to SG-E which is 70,000…probably 150,000+ for SG-A…

Is it 70k or not? At the moment only 2k GP right now lol. I know I’m sad. Pretty much in G2-E. Now, I’m confused because he says nobody has gotten past SG-E though. So, is it 70k or what’s going on?

i dont understand why you need so much points to grade up to S tier.

70k points?? taking into account how slowly you progress in G1 (if you win a pair of match in a row but then loose a pair of them you almost have no points) only a few peope in the world are gonna reach it.

i wonder if people who are already there have too much problems finding matches.

i think 30k would have been enough… could somebody enlighty me about how CAPCOM designed championship mode this way??

I suppose they made it so high cos they expect the game to have legs. If everybody got there fast people would be complaining that it was too easy to get to the top.

70k is SG-E

There are only like 10-20 people in SG at the moment (on psn, i guess it’s more or less the same on 360) so it’s almost impossible to level up until more people enter SG.

Nobody knows how many GP you need to get to SG-A.

Anyways, it’s just a matter of grinding, G1 isn’t that hard

Does anyone know how many GP are required to get to all of the grades in Championship Mode? I’m in a lowly position of having only 400 GP in G3-E (I believe). Thanks for this info!

Yesterday I had my first SG match… I lost… :frowning:

SG is garbage

Thanks for the info guys.

Most of u r wrong.

70 000: SG-E

SG-A is unknown

I’ve been playing a few 60000+GP people recently, one of them a good Vega, of all things. People are slowly getting there… It’s just a shame that SG players can’t keep playing G1 tournaments. I mean, come on… Just give them the choice, and stop them from gaining points from G1 wins.

That, or keep SGers in regular G1 (though with a clear marker that says they’re really in SG, for bragging rights I suppose) until there’s a good number of people IN YOUR OWN REGION in SG. The whole point of the grades is to match people of relatively even skill, so I don’t see why SG people are stuck in SG now.

Is anyone here in SG and actually getting matches? It’s hard enough to get a decent connection the few times I make it to G1 finals as it is :slight_smile:

I just counted 38 people in SG on XBL.

I’d like to know how many points you lose in the 1st match and what you win in the finals. anyone know?

If you’re defeated on the first match you lose 5 points, the same as G1, and for the finals I dont know but by judging the GP the dude that is on #1 has (like 70300) I suppose it’s a little bit more than the finals on G1 (o’rly? lol)

The next version of SF4 should allow the option to play in lower ranked tourneys, but for zero points. In fact, maybe it should give your opponent MORE points than usual for having to deal with someone in a higher rank.

That way experienced players couldn’t go raiding G3 for easy points, but SG players could still find matches to play.

Current system is a little broken at higher ranks.

current system is broken at any level. it (arguably) rewards time invested over time well spent. but it’s less blatantly broken than ranked, so i don’t feel like complaining.

if i want to feel like i’m good at the game i’ll do SRK player matches. or start going to meetups. w/e.

can you get knocked out of sg or are we gonna have some like 50/60k players up there by the time i arrive?