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Skullgirls GD, Part 2 XD !!!

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Are there going to be any black characters in SG?

According to Mike, at the end of the first day of Revelations, yes.

He might have been talking about Fortune, but I don’t know… >_>

Excuse me, ReveLAtions. >_>

Question for the team, this game seems to be combo heavy which is awesome, the game doesn’t have comeback mechanics like X-Factor, or silly execution free guessing games like TAC. I’m wondering how difficult is the game going to be, in terms of execution? More specifically, like to do intermediate or even advanced BnBs. The only fighting games I’ve had experience with are TvC are Marvel 3 (and Brawl if you want to count that). Is there going to be any “easy mode” stuff that’s effective or not really? I’m a little concerned because I feel that the games I play now are much less technical than SGs will be and SG will be difficult for me to learn stuff in (not to mention it will be my first 6 button fighter).


There is no easy mode. >_>

Are there any palettes where the characters are wearing sunglasses? I don’t remember seeing any.

Will Ms. Fortune reference this song?

So, out of curiosity, are characters like Annie, Venus, D. Violet, the No Evil girls, Corkscrew, or the Gigans going to make appearances, whether playable or not? I’ve only ever seen concept art of these characters, nothing more. I’ve heard people mention other “arcs” of the story, so I mean I could see Skullgirls being released with the base 8 characters (plus, hopefully bosses) and then continuing the story with the previously mentioned characters being slowly added in in episodic ways.

You can already see a sign with Annie in the Medeci Tower stage. There’s also a stained glass window of Venus in the Cathedral.

I hope some future playables make NPC appearances in this game too.

Interviews say there’s a lot of DLC characters they aim to release.

I would love to see Skullgirls in the Universal Fighting System card game. ( or (

I even made a fan set myself, although it’s incomplete at the moment. (

Is there any possibility for Skullgirls to expand to other media? (Card games, TV, books, comics?)

I understand that the cast is to be expanded beyond 8 to something like 16+ chracters via DLC releases. What I wanna know is: how long is that even going to take? When you look at the rate of production, it seems like that’s going to take years, assuming people buy them and they can continue to generate budget/demand. Will this also mean lots of balance updates?

Mike Z, I would like to know for certain that there are planned dlc characters in various stages of production that will be ready sooner than later after the game launches. And I don’t care about pricing so long as the base game is reasonable. I really want to support this product!

I wasn’t really asking if there was an easy mode, perhaps I phrased the question wrong, I was asking the team, compared to a game like Marvel 3 or TvC, how high is the learning curve?

That’s what the youtube video is for. I thought you were asking two questions.

mike has said that the inputs are fairly lenient. he wanted to make the game newbie accessible without doing simple modes like BB had.

it has been mentioned that there are over 30 characters that they would like to have playable at some point (through DLC or a sequel)
i hope that all the characters they work on up until launch are for the release of the game… they can work on DLC later!

what happens when you put a move like Ms. Fortune’s head bowling ball roll onto a custom assist?
the first time I assume it does it, then the head stays out, what happens the 2nd time you call the assist?

the game will still execute the motion and button press, so if that motion is assigned to anything else, it will do that. i dont think mike said what the motion for the head toss was so its hard to say what will happen. (although if its the same as the recall i guess she would throw then call it back alternating)
(this was one of the reasons that supers arnt allowed as custom assists (besides the obvious), if you had no super bar the character would still come out and do a special of the same motion.)

question of my own for mike (or someone else with access to the game) im guessing ms fortune is vulnerable the entire time she is waiting for her head to come back? so if you want to call it back you better make sure you are on top of it?

I’ll have to test this to make sure, but I think since qcb+p does bowling ball with head on and recalls the head if it’s off, it would do whichever of those is appropriate.

Thanks you jmcrofts!