SG Q&A Thread - Launch Party April 10-11th


Basically by giving a solo character an extra meter they are guaranteed one snap-back and one normal hyper combo.
Because a constant issue Ive ran into with using a solo character is continuously having to waste a large percentage of my meter snapping back characters in that have been tagged out.


WHERE IS YOUR AVATAR FROM? You made me go check the official characters page.


In 3 vs 3 wouldn’t you use just as many snapbacks, if you were using them the same way?


Oh I made it :). I like Leviathan alot.


Well I don;t want to clutter the Q&A with anymore of my theories so Ill simply leave my point at this. I hope you don’t mind the abrupt ending.
In 3v3 I can get meter much easier than I can 1v3. Actually in a 1v3 match, meter becomes scarce rather quickly because of the inability to gain it from any place except combos. If you would like to continue this discussion feel free to PM me :). Ill happily answer any questions you may have on my theory.


Damage scaling when comboing off running throw specifically starts at 50%.

  • About the lifebars, those are good suggestions and I passed some on to the UI guy. They probably won’t change before ship, though.
  • Starting meter…solo characters don’t need anything like this. If you land a hit on someone who tags badly, you should just kill them, which will bring in the next character anyway. :^)
  • Painwheel buffs, she really doesn’t need them. I’m bad with her, that doesn’t mean she’s bad herself.
  • Ground bounces off the top of my head: Cerebella’s Dynamo; Parasoul’s B+HK vs ground; Filia’s cr.HP vs air; Fortune’s rekka->overhead and air head spike; Peacock Lv3 items; Painwheel’s F+HK last hit, uncharged cr.HP, installed air super and installed HK scythe; Valentine hasn’t got one yet; and ______'s airthrow.

Something I’ve noticed: when showing SG to oldschool players, they will play for 3 or 4 hours then tell me they “can’t give any real opinions or advice because they don’t really know anything yet”. When showing it to newer players, nerfs and buffs are immediately called for after 10-15 minutes, and everything is either amazing or terrible. I generally tend to agree with the older school of thought, in that you can’t ask for well-thought-out changes off day 1, week 1, or mostly even month 1 play…and that’s when the game is out and everyone’s in the lab.

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Thanks for the response Mike! I hope tagging in Skullgirls is more viable to punish than in Marvel.


Marvel…3? Still weirds me out that people call that “Marvel” nowadays. Guess I gotta get with the times, or move to Lesotho.
Anyway, yeah, they’re pretty punishable. :^)


Don’t change for anybody Mike.


Marvel will always be marvel 2, Not that capcom vs marvel game all the kids are playing these days. Stay golden ponyboy.


You mean the pronunciation or the fact that people consider MvC3 a worthy successor?

I personally call it “Mahvel” since “Marvel” would imply that the focus is solely on Marvel characters which was never the case before and certainly not now(yeah, the capcom side has a lot of balance issues in 3, but there are tons of god tiers there now).

I’m not exactly fond of the game, but I’d say it is a decent enough effort when compared to it’s predecessor. It could be worse though(God, Darkstalkers IV is gonna suck ass if they make it…).


MvC2 will always be Marvel
MvC3 will be Em Vee Cee Three


How much truth is there to this? :\

I assume the latter part is wrong, but what about the former? Will PC be taken seriously or is it going to look like Capcom, having stuff not released, balance patches come 3 months later etc? :S


Will Skullgirls have spectator and replay modes?


Lol @ modes like it’s some alternate way to play.
Yes and yes.



So yeah. I tend to not just spout off crap without at least doing a SMIDGE of research before hand or specifically stating that I’m guessing. As for support for the PC platform? Assuming it does come out, I’m betting that they will keep patches and content much closer to the same time given the fact that:
A. this is the only game they are currently working on (no SFxT or anything like that eating resources.)
B. It is a western developer and one with much closer ties to the community at large thus much more inclined to realize that even if PC isn’t their #1 priority it is not good for the community or fans to shit all over PC gamers just because they aren’t AS important as the console players.

That is course is hypothetical. I also imagine that IF skullgirls comes to PC that they wont use GFWL as a platform which means that they wont need to wait weeks for certification on patches.


If this game was not to be released on PC after all, that would be like my biggest hype kill ever… right behind seeing Gw2 PvP :sad:


I fully agree, I really hope the game hits PC. There are so few fighting games fully supported by PC developers, everything is either poorly supported (Capcom) or exclusively non-english (Melty Blood) no longer supported (Blazblue) or only supported by fan work arounds (Arcana Heart 3, KOF 13) it’d be nice to have a developer who might actually do things in a relatively timely manner, or at least be up front when things are going to be delayed (It took WEEKS to get Sven to admit the wishy washy 3month window ETA on AE 2012 for PC and even then he made excuses and made no effort to show he even feels bad about the delay, almost acting like we should be thankful we are getting it at all. :/)


Is Hatred Install going to have a meter indicator in training mode like the hitstun ones?


So Mike can we get a Leviathan trailer? :slight_smile: