SG Q&A Thread - Launch Party April 10-11th

can you do full rekkas as an assist? or just the first part?

Just one, the followups count as separate moves.

Question for you guys; how are grabs inputted in this game? lp and lk? I was just looking at Cerebella’s command list, and I had always assumed grabs were done like Marvel 2.

Yep, throw is LP+LK. Command throws are motion+throw.

A question about Ms Fortune:

If the head gets hit before the body, does the body get hit at all?

In one of the videos on Gametrailers you have Parasoul do her bike army super, but they all the hit first and then go right through the body. Does it take priority over the body? If it’s right next to the body and I throw a normal out that would cover the head and the lower body, would it hit the head first and not hit the body? Does this only apply to supers? Am I being stupid?


Just curious, what made you decide to do throws like 3S rather than the Marvel/GG way?

So what attack will come out if you set the custom assist to one of the assist commands (lp+mk, etc.)?

I saw the awesome Ms. Fortune footage and Parasoul segment and I had a question.

Will there be any 60FPS downloads for these bits like the FNF videos? Gametrailers has always been a bit wonky and the WMP always blows up every other option when it comes down to smoothness.


To use a move as an assist it must be on a list of acceptable inputs. If you did something like that it would just pick whatever has highest priority, so in the case of lp+mk you’d just get standing MK.

If you hit both her and the head with a physical attack, they will both get hit. However, projectiles lose their hitbox once they collide with something, so if a projectile goes through Fortune’s head, the head will eat the hitboxes and the projectile won’t keep going to hit fortune.

Peacock’s fat man works the same way, if it’s sitting between peacock and the other character, projectiles will collide with it and not hit the other character.

Forget Le Duc, I want to know about the lady next to him. Is RL or Alex going to release some artwork of her? Gonna appear on Whiteboard wednesday?

Not only that, but since the head takes less damage, it seemed like it was actually BENEFICIAL for her head to get hit instead of her. Although the head can’t block, it seems like Fortune is free to destroy Parasoul if she uses that super while the head is behind her. Would like to either see the head take normal damage from projectiles (since it’s so low to the ground) or that super damage everything on the ground.

This problem can easily be solved by Parasoul not using the move in that situation. Why would the properties of the move need to be changed?

Some things I’m wondering about…

  1. Skullgirls has frameskip now? Does that mean that there are more frames of gameplay than frames of animation? Does this cause frame data to be inconsistent or anything?
  2. KOFXIII is going to have an option to step through replays frame-by-frame. Any chance of seeing this in Skullgirls as well?

Is this game going to have taunts?

Mike previously stated that taunts are the least of their worries right now. That’s one of the last things that they would want to implement in the game since it’s not anything crucial to have. At this point, doesn’t look like they’re going to be included.

-Tha Hindu

Just to say it, SG has always had frameskip. It is useful to be able to develop the game at a slower speed than people want to play it.
But frameskip doesn’t work the way you think it does - you show some frames then one time you update twice before showing the next frame. It’s how 2D fighting games, which update in discrete frames, have always done Turbo settings. Ours is a bit…better…in that you can still give the game input during the dropped frame so you don’t get things like 1f-post-flash supers being randomly unblockable.
And no, the frame data doesn’t change at all.

Maybe I described it badly, but from the article you linked, it seems like it does work the way I thought, and it mentioned the things I was worried about, too.

Wouldn’t these problems also surface in Skullgirls? Even though you said the game still takes inputs during the skip, wouldn’t that still randomly turn 1-frame timing into 1/2-frame timing?

So once you’ve thrown the head, how difficult is it to get back?

After Fortune’s DP, what sort of state is she in when she follows up?

It looks like you can’t do anything from when you call the head back till you get it back on, as well as a bit of recovery when the two meet. Seems like it’s going to be a big part of fighting against her.

Can Ms. Fortune air dash after she uses the uppercut’s follow up?

Well I am from Britain and I have a US XBL account, I was wondering if when the game comes out would I be able to download the US version to play on my PAL 360? Since to my knowledge you don’t yet have a PAL publisher, also how do XBLA games usually work in that regard to anybody who has experience in downloading other region XBLA games?