SG Q&A Thread - Launch Party April 10-11th

As I thought. Thank you for answer.

I’m kind of neutral on guest characters in general. It mostly depends on the character(s).

SGs got too many godlike ideas for characters though, so I wouldn’t want to see that kind of thing yet (if at all).

I’m not the final decision maker, though. (^.^)

Mike, have you tested jump cancelling normals other launchers on hit and block? I especially like to jump cancel moves on block since you can create really nice pressure situations with it.

Just want to hear your thoughts on it.

I have a question as well, I asked this earlier in this thread but I don’t think I got an answer so I’ll ask again.

If you dash, and then cancel that dash into a normal or whatever, do you keep some of the forward momentum and “slide” a bit as you do the move? I always liked this mechanic in Vampire Savior and the various Marvel games due to the really fun frame traps/tick throws/neutral approaches it allowed. I think I’v seen something like this in a few gameplay videos, but it’s hard to tell since most players just iad everywhere.

JC on block - that’s exactly why I dislike it, making safe blockstrings out of stuff that’s not safe. :^) Personal preference.

Dash momentum - yes, you gain momentum even if your character hasn’t started moving from the dash yet.


Sweet. Thanks for answering, I was wondering about that.

Any characters with a short-hop or some way to alter jump momentum downward? Not exactly a divekick, but something like Guy’s in the air or B.Jenet’s float kick?

Cerebella has j.D+MP elbow, Peacock has j.MK which comes from the floor (kinda similar use), and everyone starts to fall right away if you cancel an airdash with an attack…

[edit] Fortune’s head getting knocked off from trips has been removed. Instead, if you get hit out of moves wherein she takes off her head (all 3 HPs and stand MP) it will be separate. This is only true during the parts where the head’s actually off in the anim, so not the first part of startup or the end of recovery, and j.HP is included because it’s an HP. :^)

Do you have an exact percentage/amount for the increase/decrease in HP and/or strength according to how many characters are on your team vs how many are on your opponent’s team?

Also, why was the original select screen altered? Was it just preference, or did something not work right? Fan of original select screen

Check the wiki topic for that first question.

I didn’t hear that old retro “beep boop boop” sound when someone gets ko’d in the latest stream. Is that gone forever? I was really looking forward to playing it with my super nes controller on steam lol.

Just wondering, are you planning for any character on the roster to have more than 1 point of Super Armor for an attack?

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Original like (a) the black background with text? Or “original” like (b) the concept art for the final screen, with the diagonal boxes?

If you mean (a), because that was always designed to be replaced. I made it in five minutes, one night. LOL
If you mean (b), various things ranging from the space to fit more DLC characters to the fact that it’s always unclear which way up and down go when boxes are arranged diagonally. 3s does a decent job, but still…

[edit] Death sound’s still there, there was an issue with this week’s build not always playing sounds.

[edit edit] Cerebella’s Lv3 has hyper armor, and as for others, at least Painwheel.

Just watched the WNF stream. Ultra David brought up something that I was wondering, he talked about how the anti-infinite system seems complicated and could make things like learning bnb’s difficult.

I guess what’s not clear to me is, how many loops can you do before it kicks in, and more importantly what exactly constitutes a loop?

Could a combo reach a point where one specific button/move, regardless of whats before and after it, is considered a loop?

you are given 3 loops before it kicks in.

I think Alpha 3 combo maniacs are going to take well to this system :slight_smile:

So stuff like Parasoul’s RC Soldier and M.Fortune’s head recall count as neutral states even if you cancel them into another move before they recover?

This is ingenious and I love the hell out of it. It makes sense and at the same time it manages to be cool as hell.

Also if you don’t mind me asking can I get your email (pm’d?), I had a personal question or two to ask.

I’m not sure why people think this IPS is complicated.

Sure, explaining hitstun deterioration as a concept is easy, “hitstun gets shorter as you go on,” but if you want to sit down and figure out whether a sequence is allowed by the system, the only real way is to try it in the game. It’s impossible (in MvC3/GG) or extremely difficult (in BB) to determine whether a given combo is allowed to work or not, just by analyzing it on paper. And even trying it in the game, it’s hard to know if it was your execution that caused the combo to drop, or the hitstun deterioration.

Contrast that with SG’s infinite prevention system, where the rules are still simple to explain - “don’t start a chain with something you already hit with, and your combo is always legit.” You get 2 free sections before moves are even counted toward this limit (your first and second chains) and one more free section where moves are kept track of but the limit isn’t enforced yet (the entirety of your jump if you’re in the air, or your next chain if you aren’t). That’s it.
You can determine exactly whether or not a combo is possible just by writing it out: “Did I already use s.LP? OK, can’t start another chain with that.” And if something doesn’t work, the hitsparks change color and you immediately know which move caused it. You also immediately know why, because the ONLY THING that would cause it is you having used that move before.

Even if SG’s system were as opaque as MvC3/GG/BB, the same basic concept of ‘try different things until you find something that works’ still applies…I think people are just worried because it’s new.

Well, “regardless of what’s before it” is wrong because the determining factor is which moves came before it.
But yes, you can run out of options. In fact, that’s the whole point, because at that spot in the combo it is a loop. If you juggle with a standing LP somewhere, then later on you juggle with s.LP again, ignoring spacing differences there’s nothing stopping you from repeating whatever you did to give yourself another opportunity to juggle with s.LP and go on forever…and since timing/spacing/etc is impossible to analyze*, the only conclusion is that you found a loop.

  • this is why infinites are found in other systems. :^)

Serious question.

Will the game’s tutorials or challenge modes have an explanation of how the IPS works so that people can attempt to optimize their combos?

Also, probably a totally stupid idea, but it’s a thing to think about. Have you ever thought of making the pre-set assists non-redundant? For example, you can’t hold buttons or do aerial moves with custom assist. So the first two assists (or perhaps one) could be things that you can’t do with custom assist like, a held Peacock H item drop, or an aerial cerebella glide clap or elbow drop, or a Ms. Fortune head noms, and then everything else is custom.

Just thought this could be a cool way to get assists in there that aren’t covered by custom assist but are still considered by the team to be “cool” or “fair”.