SGDQ - Another Charity Stream by Speed Demos Archive (August 4-6) Starting soon


Speed Demos Archive has another charity event coming up in 5 minutes at: To help raise money for the Organization for Autism Research. It is another speedrunning marathon of course, with mostly different games from the last events, and for more information about the event go here:
For a list of the games being run and who is running the games, go here:

I’ll keep this page updated with what games are being played currently and going up next as much as I can. Please check it out sometime if you can.

Wrapping up

$ total: 20,843.11


Holy shit thank you for posting this!


Yeah, no problem. Trying to help them anyway I can for this.



Is funkdoc running CV again? His new runs are pretty fucking gdlk.


Doesn’t look like Funkdoc was able to make it, he isn’t scheduled to run any games. :frowning:



Ninja Gaiden always gives Jman problems. lol. The game is a bitch and a half to play regularly, let alone this madness.


Final Boss was a bit of a pain, but no deaths so that’s something!

Also, interesting nesbot demonstration coming up after Metal Gear.


I missed the explanation, so can you inform me as to what form of witchcraft this is that I’m watching? :eek:


The nesbot is a robot programmed with inputs from various TAS runs for games that have their “luck” based on a timer instead of a random number generator, which is how the nesbot can actually sync with a real NES.


That was a pretty nice Mega Man run. Only about a little over 4 mintues over the record, even though he died and had to restart on Bomb Man’s level.


Yeah it was impressive. BTW, Megaman 3 race starting.


Is this Richter skip faster than the other one used?


Yes, if you can do it correctly it is much faster than the wolf version of the skip.


SotN run was pretty impressive, considering romscout was screwing around half the time.

Time to take a break. Next game I’ll watch will probably be Castle Crashers.


Good choice. See you then.


Castle Crashers is starting, looks like they are racing, 8 people.


For his first time on stream, “brossentia” is doing a great job.


Dude why didn’t you bump your thread…

Wish I saw this earlier…


Not sure…


:eek: No hits in Final Cave. gdlk