SG's Presence at EVO 2013


So we didn’t win the 8th spot. What now?

I say we try to run a side tournament if we don’t hear anything. As for a pot, I was thinking of just doing something similar to what we had to do for the donation drive, but set up an account so that we can put money into it little by little. Maybe Salty Cupcake’s entry fees could go toward that? I don’t know, can’t come up with anything right now.

I have no idea how EVO side tournaments go, or where we would do it. But no reason why we can’t throw out ideas already, I suppose.


How about the prize is the clippings of Mike Z’s hair?


Convert all the MvC2 players by offering curly mustaches.


are their still spots for side tournaments if so mike z should get a kickstarter going id donate


Tx for making this topic guitalex.

Yes we should definitely be looking to make something at evo… Im going to evo and im only planning on entering into the sg side tournament… Sg has ruined all other fighters for me.

The biggest reason why i replied to this though is look at how much money we were able to come up with in less than a month.
If we start an “sg tournament, prize winnings and donation fund”… Well then might we be able to come up with 2-3 k or more by the time evo rolls on through… And if we can we may be able to finance top players to want to eventually take up our game (or not) simply cause of the cash pot that is going to be available.

(Not to mention the amount of competitive spirit and hype that a high prize pot would guarantee)

Maybe we cant make that much by this years evo… But what about next years evo if we start a year from the event? We might realistically be able to come up with 50 k and that would DEFINITELY draw the crowds.

Anyways it was just a thought i was having from the crazy good success of the bcrf drive… Perhaps we could learn something from that and it will actually be positive for the sg community.


if not evo the lets just setup a tourney just for skull girls


Just FYI, when I was posting donation totals on Smashboards a few weeks ago I mentioned the possibility of Smash players contributing to the pot of a Skullgirls tournament if they won (which they did) as a goodwill gesture and some of the people there said that it sounded like a cool idea. So if you do run a prize fund for this year’s EVO you might get a small boost from there.

It’s probably better to wait a month or so before actually asking for money, though, so that people’s bank accounts have time to recover.


BTW at my new tournament series in NJ (shameless self promotion) I’m attempting to run Skullgirls like Marvel I.E. 3/5 matches in normals and 4/7 in finals rather than 2/3, 3/5. As a VS style game it may be a better thing to do. Just putting it on the table for all future tournaments.


Probably showing my ignorance, but what is the perceived benefit of 3/5 over 2/3? Is it just that the more skilled player is more likely to win (because it’s harder to fluke 3 wins off of a better opponent than it would be to win 2), or is there another reason?


I’m sure there will be a well-endowed SG side tournament at Evo.

Something you can do now is if you are in striking distance of UFGT9 or CEO, or if you normally wouldn’t go to those events, go and enter SG! Make the SG tournament bigger with more entrants higher levels of competition and more hype. It’s the opprotunity we all paid for in the donation drive and SG will become bigger at Evo if we take advantage of it while we can.


Match quickness actually. Marvel matches are very very fast, over after a few simple touches. Three matches give you enough time to read your opponent, get used to them, and adapt.

Skullgirls matches are not as fast as Marvel matches, but are still fast compared to every other game out there. I worry about 3/5 when it comes do 1v1 scenarios with multiple rounds, but every other setup seems as if we want a 3/5 tournament structure more. That’s why I’m testing it out.


In that case, couldn’t you have a rule that requires a 3/5 *unless *the first two matches were 1-on-1, in which case it becomes 2/3? It’s a bit more complicated but that could solve any time issues.


SG isn’t at the ridiculous level of mvc3, where the wonky ass hit-boxes and completely ineffective damage restraints ensure that a few hits and like 2-3 guesses results in the end of a match. Running normal matches as 2/3 should be fine and avoid rule changes for different ratios. Start with 2/3 and if the majority of players request a 3/5 after a few weeks, switch over to that.


3/5 is always better than 2/3. Just like 4/7 will always be better than the former, a FT10 will be even better, etc
One should always go for the higher amount of rounds, as long as it doesn’t interfere with a preset schedule.
Time constraints are really the only reason not to run longer sets, and even in 1v1 I think SG matches are over pretty fast (compared to KoF/SF4/etc)


I don’t suppose SG could have the first evo side tourny with online entrants? :frowning:


I just hope there is a proper stream this time around. Seeing as the closest I can get to EVO is watching streams.


I don’t want to start another thread for this, so I’m gonna talk about it here.

If SG can get into CEO, what about FR?


The difference with Marvel is the stupid ridiculous hitboxes, but as I recall Marvel 2 matches went about as fast as Skullgirls matches go. Was Marvel 2 made 3/5 and 4/7 because of match quickness? Don’t think so.

Skullgirls doesn’t have many “random” things, which is the real complaint for Marvel 3 being 3/5 (not the match quickness). Match quickness has nothing to do with it, really. Guess the reset right and the match won’t last 2 minutes. This as opposed to “get hit once by some move that doesn’t even look like it’s going to hit and die as a result of one combo into a DHC/THC into another combo or possibly an infinite and die anyways” that is Marvel 3.

I do find it somewhat ironic that Skullgirls was too slow for some people before, and now that the game is a miserable 3% faster matches have to go 3/5 because it’s too fast lol


Honestly for tournaments the game should stay 2/3, no random factor, in most if not all cases the better player wins from a set. Plus most tournaments put us in last minute, we should be thankful we got the chance and not over stay our welcome.

Winners, Losers, and Grand need to be 3/5 though.


if we were to setup our own separate skull girls tourney what would we call it. the skull heart tpournament ?