SG's Presence at EVO 2013

Pot bonuses are good for getting top players hungry about the game and get more attention, so bigger is always better. We also might think about using part of the proceeds of a donation drive for exclusive giveaways for participants (buttons, shirts, key chains, or something) to induce people on the fence to enter and swell the numbers which would in turn increase the pot.

Also, anyone within striking distance of evo don’t forget that the most useful thing you can contribute to a tournament is your presence and enthusiasm. Spending the weekend leveling up, meeting people, going 0-2, and screaming you head off in an egret costume provides a service to the community that no monetary donation can match.

This got me thinking. Pot bonuses are really only a way of drawing top (or middling but very competitive) players that might not otherwise attend. But Skullgirls isn’t trying to attract international superstars to their tournament right now - instead we just want more players in the tournament to begin with. (EDIT: That’s not to say that the tournament is struggling to get a viable number of players, just that the goal is different)

So why not have a separate small prize (say $50-$100) for the top-placing new player (i.e. hasn’t entered any previous tournament offering the new-player prize). If a new Skullgirls player is considering entering a tournament, they won’t be expecting to wipe Mike Z and co. off of the top spot, so it doesn’t matter to them if the first prize is ten dollars or ten million. But if the new player only has to do better than the other new players then they might want to give it a shot, especially if they’re already good at a different game and want to try SG out.

It’d take a bit of organizing to get it started, but I think it could work.

Last year Evo turnout was pretty impressive. This year can be even bigger.

Yo even when we lose we win.

there are not that many manestream fighting game tournaments at all on the east . we need to set some up ,cali has two one on top one on the bottom .

3/5 makes the black man sad :frowning:

But in anycase, lower sets and higher sets have their unique benefits.

In real battles you dont get a bunch of chances. You have an initial game plan, maybe a back up plan or two, and you adapt as quickly as possible to the enemy or you lose.

Longer battles are more like full on wars. In wars you have to strategize against not only the overall strategy of an enemy army(player), but also against the more personalized strategies of all that army’s generals(teams and substrategies)

In life we have both small skirmishes and full on wars, so I dont have much problem with best 2/3 or 4/7. I view it like this: the enemies we face while trying to make it to the top are just the smaller battles we face, but that last battle is like a full on war where you used the amassed experience and emotions from previous battles and throw them at your final and most formidable enemy; as such I actually like that most battles are 2/3 and that the finals are 3/5.

4/7 is pushing it though…

Also, sorry if that made little sense…I’m tired -_-

Winter Brawl
Final Round
Civil War

im going to make a thread about making a tournament for the east coast since i have never set up a tournament or event im going to need help and a president ,
we are obvioulsy going to needa kickstarter to afford some of the things .

forget what i said . its sad that skull girls isnt that big in any of these

edit nvm one of these have skull girls

It isn’t big because the community isn’t big.

Other than the added to CEO’s roster, Duckie is trying to get us something at Final Round and KeninBlack is trying to see if Civil War or Winter Brawl can run something (even though Winter Brawl is in a couple of weeks so that might just be small side tourney).

NEC is past, Skullgirls @ ECT had a good showing last year.

If the MidWest isn’t too far, there’s UFGT9 in Chicago w/ Skullgirls.

Check the events thread stickied at the top and the Skullgirls 2013 tournament season thread.

shit i would be down for that. if it gets more people interested then so be it.

im only gonna win it anyway so its no bigs for me :smiley:

I think there was an international tournament, down in the Caribbean or something like that, that’s been interested in giving Skullgirls some space.

That would be VXG, which as far as I can tell will have Skullgirls as a main game.
It’s in St. Martin.

Is it confirmed?

Can’t find any official word at the moment so no.

The question about VxG is: Is there a local SG player base? There is no point of players from this forum flying in if there is no local competition. Besides the sun, beach and bikinis.

Why is this thread still active? Having two threads to talk about the same topic seems redundant.

And for discussion about other tournaments in 2013, there is Skullgirls 2013 Tournament Season! .

Because this topic was to suggest things to do with an EVO side tournament pot.

Yes, we have 1k from EVO, but the thread was made before that was announced. Plus there’s no reason we can’t try to get more.

I’m super in favor of 3/5. Literally the only reason not to do 3/5 is time constraints. Keep us posted on how your tournaments are running; if 3/5 isn’t causing any problems with time, then I think other tournaments should use this format.