Sh*ts Baroquen - a TvC/SF4 tourney (2/13/10 Alexandria, VA) - now with 2v2 events!

Prolly a fairly small local tvc tourney since I’ve barely seen any advertised around here

8019 Kidd St
Alexandria, VA 22309

Entry fees:
$5 TvC
$5 SF4
$5 Venue fee
Other games will have $5 entry too, not sure what games they’ll be yet, possibly SF4

Arrival - noon
signups till 2 pm
TvC singles will start at 2 pm, other tournies will follow

Other info:
Eric V is a missile spamming scrub, do not fall for his noob tactics



its looking like we’ll get at least a few entrants from smashboards

which is sad considering this is supposed to be the fighting game forum

UUUUUUUUUUUUGH. I don’t have TVC or a Wii. :expressionless:

yeah same for me. or a wii stick. At least not yet.

Hopefully I can come swing by for this sick game.

Yatterman/Alex. What.

Also, I can bring a setup. Will that reduce fee? Even if it doesent I will bring it and I might be able to bring a stick if the new one gets in the mail by then.

if you bring a wii and stick, ill waive the fee, if you just bring a wii it’ll be $3 instead

also good to see at least some interest. mags would you show up if i hosted sf4? theres no reason i cant host other tournies on the same day, at this point i was waiting to see whether we got more ppl from smashboards or SRK to see whether i was gonna put brawl or sf4.


I will bring the ps2. :tup:

I actually just looked at my work schedule and I’m on for 3-11 this saturday. I’m gonna have to catch you next time.

added sf4 for this, so if you needed an excuse to come and dont play tvc there you go

3rd strike is also a strong possibility, i can put a setup on my laptop and i got 2 sticks that plug into my laptop so w/ that and keninblacks ps2 we could have 2 setups

Alright cool.

Idk if I can go now though… I will be at my dads so I am gonna have to beg.

If I can though I will bring 3s,PS2,PS2 Stick,Wii, and maybe a Wii stick.

np man, altho you were looking like our only SRK representative :frowning: but yeah if you make it out you gotta teach me 3rd strike.

Hey, wow, I may be there.
Got a TE stick, Wii TvC Stick, Wii, and two 22" LCD screens if needed (don’t really wanna bring em lol)
Let me know!

sweet, we will have 3 tv’s at least so the screens arent necessary, but they would help. dont worry about it though its not gonna be too big so 3 tvs should be fine

Will be there then :smiley:

85% sure ill be there more like 99 but ima see if can catch a ride Jaguar im looking at you :slight_smile:

Still a mystery if I can go or not.

Chillin I got you on 3s. Haha.

Is Magman the kid u raped in SF4 last time at my house?

Too bad my Akuma said no Sagat, you cannot do the same to me ^^

PS missiles for everyone tomorrow?

chillin, you have to bold every post of yours from now on.

Oh and tourney name is awesome ^^

Volcanic activity allowed?