Shado Conditioning Combo-ing Princess

Just a place to put the combos that I have been working on and will be working on over and over in the training room until I get a 90% success rate. If you have anymore that would help me progress not only my knowledge of Sakura, but the systems of the game aswell, please add them on. I’ll do all the homework until I get them all down. I’m trying to start with the basics and build myself up…though I still don’t trust myself not to whiff a combo during an important match, simply out of being nervous.

  1. Basic - J.HP ( cs) > > cr.lp > cr.HP xx Shunpa/Shou - until you get it 10x in a row - Success (personal BnB)

  2. Basic - J. HP > St. HP > lk Tatsu - simple timing drill and building muscle memory on the timing for lk tatsu - 10x in a row. - Success. Not so practical without P-linking

  3. Basic - xx Shou - poking training, into damage and knockdown. One of the most imporant - 10x

  4. > cr.lp > xx DP x10

  5. St.hp xx tatsu > cr.hp xx ex tatsu/Shou 1f link - 10x

  6. If the opponent is standing st.hp xx tatsu > xx ex tatsu/shouken

  7. If opponent is crouching st.hp xx tatsu > xx shouken

  8. j.hp > st.lp (confirm hit or block here) > cr.hp xx ex tatsu (if I’m hitting the opponent)If he’s blocking, after st.lp, go for throw or a frame trap

  9. Opponent in Corner Jump - Roundhouse short [not crossing up] Just to keep pressure.

  10. Possible BnB j.HP>st.HPxxlk.tatsu>st.LP>cr.MKxxHp shou or EX shou

  11. Ex shou FADC > cl. hp xx lk tatsu > (tatsu loop bnb or ultra 1)

  12. Hp Shoux FADC> cl.hp xx lk tatsu > (tatsu loop bnb or ultra 1)

Add > cr.lp > xx DP

St.hp xx tatsu > cr.hp xx ex tatsu/Shou (This is a 1f link, so don’t worry if you’re not getting it at the start)

If the opponent is standing, you can do st.hp xx tatsu > xx ex tatsu/shouken, If they are crouching then use, st.hp xx tatsu > xx shouken

Are those also used for pressure when I have them in the corner? Anything to keep them pinned there is great! :smiley: Also thanks sensei hehe

I actually prefer to have them out of the corner for my first BnB (the second combo Fergus listed) and then reset them with one of the many resets Sak has and THEN push them into the corner (and lets face it, once that happens they’re usually stunned/dead anyway)

In the corner I like to pressure with Jump forward Roundhouse, which (if you do it right) TOTALLY looks like it’s going to cross them up when it in fact does not.

Otherwise I just tend to be patient while they’re in the corner and let them make their own mistakes, but I play sakura like she’s E. Honda.

E. Honda huh? Hmm. I like the idea of keeping pressure with the jump, roundhouse. But against those with a solid DP, isn’t that risky? Do you only use it in certain situations or against certain characters?

Also I agree. I like to start off in the middle with a BnB. Gets the match started off right. Sakura knocks them to the corner fast; so I’m just wanting some form of pressure if they are still standing after the BnB and reset. Though most should be stunned. Thanks Numeros [nickname for that number S/N lol]

If you have anything to add, be sure to let me know!

Great thread! I just stated using Sakura, she’s tons if fun. But that > cr.lp > xx DP is killing me. Can’t seem to cancel the DP after the c.MK

Yea it’s really hard at first, Robert. Trust me, I’m having some trouble aswell! The timing is like…precise. I’ve focused more on learning how to use it to space, than focusing it in one of my main combos. It surely won’t be my BnB at this rate…Sometime in the future, but not within the next week.

Since we’re both sorta new, let’s work together to become one of the tops :]

Shado i have being practicing the crap out of that combo, i will get it down! Till then hit me up on PSN @ JustRobert or XBL @ JustRob3ert we can work on getting some sakura practice!

Will do! Heck, I’ll add you on PSN right now to make sure I keep in touch

Lovin this thread as well :D. I just picked up my first fighstick a week ago and have been practicing sakura non stop, this really helps me kinda organize my practice.

On that > cr.lp > xx dp Robert, I was having alot of problems with it as well until I really figured out how the shortcut to dp really works( you can just hit down forward twice) I also use a s.lp instead and do sort of a triangular shape on the stick where I start out holding down back (also helps blocking before doing it I guess :P) kick, let go, punch, start holding down forward, mk then just wiggle the stick to mid position and back to df and fierce.
Also a question I might as well ask about that combo, if anyone can answer, I’ve been trying to plink the mostly to help learn to plink in general, and to guarantee I get it every time, and a lot of the time if I mess up the plink and just get lk+mk a light kick mysteriously comes out.Now, I thought that mk always had priority, but after testing different things out it seems that doing it too early the game I guess thinks I want to lk I assume because it can come out long before the mk being part of a chain and all, can anyone confirm or tell me whats happening it’s messing me up alot. :<

I’ve also been watching uryo’s monster sakura on youtube for insipiration, if you guys haven’t seen him i suggest doing that :stuck_out_tongue:

Also there’s vesperarcade’s ssf4 tutorials which helped me tremendously and brought me here :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the advice aToM. Yea I’m really leaning towards buying a stick. Seems like it would be the easy route, and it is universal for all systems. Would be very useful! Where’d you get yours?? Also I should really check out those vids xD I try not to look at too much, so I don’t just try to copy them and get my butt handed to me. So I’m learning the combos on my own and then gonna branch out after my training is 80% complete :] Also glad to help you keep it organized.

EDIT: Question guys; I can land the J.HP > s.HP > lk tatsu…but I’m having trouble linking that into the c.HP. Any advice? Am I just timing it wrong? It’s a 1f combo right?

I like j.HP>st.HPxxlk.tatsu>st.LP>cr.MKxxHp shou or EX shou. I find this one easy to hit (my execution is not that great) and it’s 372 damage with no meter…slightly more with Ex and 1 meter. Note: this does not work on blanka.

Added that in! Sounds good! May become my new BnB xD

I have trouble landing the c.hp after the tatsu also, but the way I have found the most effective is to hold down as soon as I do the tatsu and just as she turns her back I hit the c.hp… delay the ex tatsu afterward for a split sec if that’s what your going for (you have plenty of time) you will mess it up if you to it too fast

Still cant buffer the dp from the so that it only comes out if it hits though and im using the shortcut :frowning:

Try adding 2 more:
Ex shou FADC > cl. hp xx lk tatsu > (tatsu loop bnb or ultra 1)
Hp Shoux FADC> cl.hp xx lk tatsu > (tatsu loop bnb or ultra 1)
These 2 moves are one of the few way to lengthen combos for big damage or hit confirm into Ultra 1, but it is not easy the first one is approximately a 2-3 frame link and the second is a 1 frame link.

I can land c.hp after tatsu really easily just based off visual cues, I don’t plink it at all just go into training and whenever you do it right, try to think about EXACTLY what both characters looked like. When lk tatsu hits the opponent does like a slight recoil and then leans in just a bit and I know that’s when I need to c.hp, after a while of getting that down you also get muscle memory and can use audio cues such as how late you have to hit it after she says “shunpuukyaku”

Hecks yea, thanks wee and numero. After your advice, I landed it about 6 times in a row. Just need to practice abit more and I’ll have it down for good! I’m making sure to get my BnB down to a point before the tourney. I have a feeling I’ll be on that most of the time. Considering it is so versatile, that’s a no brainer. However, I really want to get my corner pressure up, so I’ll need to practice that aswell.

Also added them Wild. I’ll probably practice them after I get the basic ones down. I’m trying to learn the no meter ones before getting the meter ones in :slight_smile:

yooooooo dont forget the bnb/hit confirm (works on everybody)

c.LK, c.LP, c.MP xx LK Tatsu, s.LK xx HP Sakura DP

dont replace c.MP with c.HP
too much pushback, after tatsu s.LK wont hit, eat dat dear FADC Ultra

Still can’t land > cr.lp > xx dp. I get so frustrated to the point of throwing my stick out the window!>:( But my St.hp xx tatsu > cr.hp xx ex tatsu is getting better. These are the two combos that im working on right now. I gotta get them down clean. Ugh! back to training mode!

Hey Shado1337nou gonna be online today? Wanna get some games in?

I’ve been training up my execution on the HP shou fadc cl.hp (bnb) and let me just tell you guys that it’s way way way easier to do if you plink it just a tiny bit earlier than feels natural. I personally think this is Sakura’s toughest technique, much tougher than the ex shou fadc cl.hp so any tips are appreciated, alls I know is this is about the only thing where I NEED to plink it.

edit: after a LOT of doing this I’m comfortable saying that I’ve increased from hitting it 20-30% of the time MAXIMUM to hitting it 75-80% with plinking. So if you don’t know what plinking is, at least research it and see if it helps you out.