*Shadow av's* WIP

I made my Remy av the other day and I thought it looked pretty cool. So i was gonna make a set but i wanted to see what you guys thought.There’s my av right by my name and a Ken one in the post.


EDIT:just finished


So what do you guys think?

It looks like a huge clone orgy.


lol.I just liked the idea of have the chara’s sprite act as the backdrop for the av
but it’s mostly for practice.I had wanted to try something new,and i’m relatively new at this :stuck_out_tongue:

The remy one lookds good, the others needs better compostion or direction. I tried something like that with a Doom tag and realize it’s harder than it looks. Plus colours…well I’d think the absence of colour in place of all shadow would be better.


Well in honesty the Remy had more effort. In the Ken/Chun avs i was trying to develop a focal point for the Foreground sprite by putting the Background shadow sprites on respective sides.The placement of the Remy shadows were put almost from corner to corner.And i was thinking of originally filling the shadows with black/white and outlining them,but maybe if the design was more clear cut (for ex:Shadows from left to right). I appreciate the input as well OC

For future reference and posts, i’m not using photoshop.I’m making the avs on a program called Paint.net.So i may not have the filter availablity that most of you guys do.

The problem is that in both the Ken and Remy one the black is overpowering and it’s not so much that they’re a background as they are simply a way to fill up the space by the colors you’ve put there (the red for the Ken avatar and the blue for Chun-Li).

Try picking a super move, pulling apart all the frames of animation, and then placing them one after another, with the final frame being in color. It’d likely fill up the space better and not look as messy, and while it’s not a new concept, it still works. Just make sure that the colors (when converted to grayscale) don’t have such dark blacks / shades of gray to them.

If not that, look through a character’s entire pack of animation and find one move that you can take and duplicate around a center point; meaning create a sphere out of that same frame until you form a complete circle. Quirky stuff like that.

I dunno it’s hard to say. That one B-Pin tag that he made with the Tekken character with repeating same shadows and one blatent coloured one looks good. Of course that was with a longer, and shorter space. I think the prem size is just too boxish.


If you end up making more, could I request an Alex one.
I think its a good concept. The Remy one is the best, seems
that you put more time into that one.
But good stuff none the less.

Interesting you say that.The original idea is that the BG sprites were basic moves i use alot in regular 3s play.

In the Remy av the J.HP,Close St. FP,Cr. FP, parry,Rising Rage flash,J.mp, LoV,St.HK,and St.MK are all present in the bg.

In the Chun Av the B.HP,kikoken,Cr.HP,far S.HK, and Jf.HP are present in the bg along with the last frame of the block animation.

The Ken av has the UOH,ending frames of the SRK,ending forward dash frame,St.HK,and the far St. FP(which i don’t use in regular play but it looks cooler than cr. mk :p)

And brandowned if you pm me the basic moves you use as Alex i’ll set you up with an Av.Same goes for anyone else who wants one

Thanks man, looks good.

no problem man.Glad you like it