Shadow Battle, What's the point?

Hope I’m not wrong in creating a thread about this but I was wondering about the shadow battle mode… I downloaded it and I Beat all three once to get the titles. What is the point of continuing to fight them is there any incentive to doing so? I assume not. I Know that they will be adding more to get the rest of the titles, but it just seems useless and a waste of time. There is a record keeping thing there next to each name so I guess that means they want you to play it more. maybe to learn the tactics that others use to give you Ideas … that is the only thing I can think of at the moment.

They’re each supposed to emulate the playstyle of a real-life player. They do a really shitty job of it, though.

This patch needs a patch.

Definitely do… I played the hardest one first and the worst thing that happened was when Hsien-Ko was using that gong move back to back bouncing my projectiles back at me but then I just took it slow and beat it the first time… With all those stars I thought it would have been more like playing on Very Hard on the last level before Galactus. ehhhh not so much. I need them to put J-Wong’s Tron/She-Hulk/Ammy team on there and make them rush down… that ought to be fun… LOL

They made that one so aggressive… I just kept using Taskmaster’s counter hyper, and it worked every time.

Sorry, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

It’s free…

If it was better, came with trophies/achievements and incentive to repeat it like high-score leaderboards for each team… then they would have made us pay for it… Mission mode is more useful and FUN than shadow battle… HELL!, Training Mode is more fun than shadow battle. lol

Shadow Battle SHOULD have at least been like Tekken Ghosts that you could upload/download.

Would’ve been cool if you can challenge people’s shadows via their license card, even if the mimicked shadow plays kind of mediocre.

So I could like, challenge (insert name here)'s ghost and pretend I’m better than him/her or something.

Would’ve been cool.

Another Good Idea: (to go along with what I said before)
Shadow mode should be changed to mimic the Tekken Ghost Battle Mode… so we can just play endless random teams and not bother to play Galactus at the end. That way you can try out new teams and get a feel for them getting moves down in memory and even (sorta) learn match-ups, at the end of the fight, four options: Rematch, Next Fight, Character Select, Main Menu.

What are names of the titles you mentioned on getting after beating shadow mode? I don’t think I really want to waste my title with that mode.

Well Traveled, Technician, and I need a hug.

And the answer is that the point is supposedly letting you fight a smart, interesting AI. That seems to fall through because it’s buggy as hell.

Eh…it’s fine. At least it gives me something else to do.

Try this. Play the 3rd one and don’t use giant combos or cheap AI beating tactics. Instead, just watch how the AI reacts to certain things. You can probably learn some stuff from it.

Seems like a good Idea and prolly will try it… Just throw out moves and see how it counters but I just don’t wanna have a visual of the butt load of losses I take from experimenting… haha


All 3 AI “opponents” are so braindead there is almost no point playing against them. EM disruptor spam locked each one down and I beat them all in under 5 mins.


if shadow mode is correct, Nitsuma san is very bad :frowning:

They will add more shadow AI players in the future…It would be great to play the AI of well known top players like Justin Wong, Mike Ross, or the PR Seth Killian

You don’t get this with buying the costume pack?

so they decide to spend time on this instead of a spectator mode… oh well online’s broken anyways.

No. It’s a seperate download and you don’t pay anything. They said it so many times too.