ShadowBlade Arcade-Stick compatibility with pelican adapter?

Hello, hey, i just want to know if the Sadowblace Arcade Stick is compatible with the Pelican adapter,

this is the stick BTW,
if anyone knows please let me know ok. a friend of mine asked me but i dont really know, so thats why im asking you guys. any help will be welcomed.

I have a modded shadowblade, it works flawlessly with my REAL converter, so I would recommend getting a REAL converter if you don’t have a pelican already and want to use this particular controller. They’re cheaper and easier to find.

Just out of speculation though, I’d imagine that this would work with a Pelican too, since it seems the Pelican and REAL handle everything about the same.

No, its not for me, i got 2 pelicans, its for a friend of mine (online friend), he asked me, and i told him that i would find out for him, but anyways, you said that the joystick works with the REAL adapter right? so i think it should work with the pelican too right? i mean, i dont see why not. anyways, thanks for the quick reply.

Tell your friend it is compatible with a garbage can.
I remember that thing, it was my first stick actually. The case is nice but it is all downhill after that, buttons were mushy and it felt like I was shifting gears working that stick.
I know I didn’t answer your question, but I needed to vent on the shadowblade’s awfulness.

hehe yeah, I bought one of those once, ages ago and returned it about an hour later. The stick has a rubber shaft cover. I think they’re recycled from 1967 Dodge Chargers