Shadowblade Happ/Fanta mods?


I have an old infamous Shadowblade laying around. I know a handful of people have modded it to accept Japanese parts. However, since the stock stick is a bad American style ripoff, it got me wondering if the case has enough depth for a Happ/iL stick or a Korean Fanta? Has anyone tried this?


The Shadowblade doesn’t even use microswitches…

From pictures of it, the top appears curved – so I think it’s a no-no.


I agree with this statement.

Not that a mod is impossible. Any mod is possible if you can figure out the work around.
BUT it will be very difficult to mod the Shadowblade to accept Korean parts. Expect alot of modification of the case.
I seen someone wanted to install authentic parts in a Blaze Twin arcade stick constructed a fiberglass middle layer extension for the case.
this Extension piece fits inbetween the top and bottom halfs of the case.

Also consider the amount of work you are doing, is the money you are “saving” with this mod really worth your time? And alot of these mods end up costing alot more in the end


It will be easier cheaper and more visually pleasing to make a stick from scratch than to try to mod it to work for a Korean Stick.


I was never seriously considering modding this thing. I happen to have it lying around collecting dust. I tried to sell it on eBay, but no one was interested. I posted the question on the very slim chance that a mod for Happ/Suzo/Fantas might be easy, since it has a battop style stick in it.


Having a bat top has nothing to do with Happ/Suzo, IL or fanta compatibility. Even Japanese sticks can use a Bat top


I was wondering about it not just because that it has a bat top, but it has a bat top, and was marketed to an American audience, most of whom only had experience with Happ parts at the time.


can you crack it open and take pictures of the internals?

I’ve always wanted to see what they looked like on the inside. Fortunately I think it will take Japanese buttons, but the case looks very shallow, you might be able to mount an IL Compact in it, but you’ll probably have to drill out a hole in the bottom for the shaft to pass through.


Isn’t that stick like 1.25 inch thick? From memory I think my palm is thicker laying flat. Sanwa jlf needs 1.5 in. Min, korean needs like 2 in. and a happ needs 2.9 inches.


I’ll take it apart soon and post some pics. I vaguely recall I tried to do it before, but either the case wouldn’t come apart or I didn’t have the proper Torx screwdriver. I have the Torx bits now, so that won’t be an issue. We’ll see if it comes apart or if the back panel is stuck…


The outside of the stick.

The thickness of the case at its widest point, about 1 1/4 inches.

You have to take out these nine screws, plus pry off the rubber feet and take out those additional six screws to get the back cover off.

The PCB. It doesn’t look like it’s common ground. Notice the button wires on the top left all have separate ground wires going to the PCB. Not that you’d want this board anyway. The wire harness connects to the PS2 cable.

The front of the PCB.


The joystick has a metal square gate. Those wires running into the shaft are for the autofire button on top.

The joystick uses levered microswitches. They feel very hollow and cheap. There’s no branding of any kind on them.

The joystick mounting hole. Looks like 30mm here but I don’t think that’s too accurate.

A Sanwa bat top is big enough to fit inside the hole.

Joystick mounting area. Looks like about 2 1/4 inches between the posts.

The joystick after being removed.


The buttons are held in by two small tabs, just like on Sanwa buttons, but smaller. Oh, and big globs of glue.

One of the knockoff Sanwa buttons from the Brawlstick fits perfectly into the hole, so 30mm Japanese buttons should fit. The holes are too big for Crown or Happ buttons it looks like.


Colour me surprised, microswitched joystick & buttons (albeit terrible ones).

It’s going to be a bitch to fit any stick in there though.


That’s really odd. The joystick IS essentially a K Style stick. I still don’t think you could cram a Fanta in there. If you wanted to K-stick it up you could always toss some cut down gersung switches in there.

Still, that’s an insanely low profile for a stick. The only thing I’ve seen come close is the Neo Geo MVS stick. It does it by mounting the spring for the joystick above the body of the case, which is both crazy and really interesting.


I found some pictures on Joystick Vault where a guy modded the Shadowblade with a JLF. He had to dent the bottom panel with a ballpeen hammer. So even a JLF won’t fit without a shorter shaft. Maybe one from FocusAttack or kowal might work. Obviously, that means Happ/Fanta is out of the question.

I have a Myoungshin Fanta on the way from eTokki (not for the Shadowblade, it’s for a custom HRAP3 panel I got from blklightning21). When I get it I’ll take some more pictures with it and the Shadowblade for size comparison.


Did you ever finish this mod? I’m extremely curious. The Shadowblade itself is trash, but I’m diggin the design. From your pictures it will accept 30 mm buttons and the pics on joystick vault make it seem the the OBSF-30 buttons were a bit too long. I was thinking that Semistu’s PS-15s should fit snuggly. My problem is now that i ned to buy a shadowblade (like 40 bucks) and gut it. i know it’s a difficult mod and i know that i should buy some other stick or make my own. I am really too obsessed with the metal case and the design on that thing. I want it!


I never seriously considered modding this thing. I was curious so I took it apart to see if it was possible. Too much hassle, IMO. Fitting a joystick in there will be the hardest part. You should be able to get a Shadowblade cheap on eBay, since they never sell.


I noticed that they never sell but douche bags on eBay want like 40.00 for them when they are probably only worth about 20.00. In any event I’m going to cough it up because I really need to do this. would you be willing to sell your SB?


Sorry to sound like an ass, but I don’t really want to box it up and ship it and all that. A lot of the listings on eBay say “or best offer” so you could try bringing the price down.