is in trouble

Probably the BEST source for OG fighting game music(they have fucking MSHvSF OST and AST). However, leeches have beasted his connection into the dirt. I upped 250 to him to get him back on his feet, but I’m thinking my CV and SRK brothers would be willing to help this guy out. Maybe we can absorb him into the CV conglomerate, and give a new reason to have PLUS around…

Any takers? Suggestions? I refuse to let his site die, especially since I haven’t leeched all I need off of there. If you need any further reason to help out, this guy at one point had ALL OF THE STREETS OF RAGE OSTS AVAILABLE.


Pryde/Sabre: If this doesn’t belong here, then please move this to Prem instead of GD, at least people will look at it then…

Yeah the dude’s site was great. That’s a site I’d help out. Put up a paypal dude. Thanks for hooking me up with secret of mana music.
I have the final fantasy pray arraged cd but I didn’t know how to update there, I wish he had other means than ftp he had to upload the musics.

fatal- the first one on your sig says fatal fury, is the second SS?

seiken densetsu, read with korean pronunciation. it’s some ol’ japanese rpg. I think it’s called secret of mana in US. sam sho in korean = ?? or sihon

btw the site seems like it’s up again

thanx for the update on Shadowhaxor, i’ll put some money in meh account and donate…and combovideos as well :wink:

fatal- actually “ah lhang jun suhl” means “legend of something”, i remember seeing it on fatal fury machines in korea, but then again i got the bomb ass memory

also the SS series went by couple names in korea, “sa ooh labi” being the popular one around 2.

eh, whatever. second one is seiken densetsu.
go here for samsho:

damn man i was gonna give him some cash but im strapped…if this interview goes good Tuesday ill hook that nigga up! :tup:

donating later this week

Thanks guys. I’d hate for him to shut down, he had such great, damn near unfindable tunes on his site. Keep this shit bumped.

I wonder if he can get the Chaos Legion sound track and Street Fighter Alpha 2 arranged for the PS one.

Note the HAD in my post. He used to have SO much more.

Man, I didn’t realize that the site would be that popular and helpful, Thank you all.

Well good news, I am in the process of rebuilding the site, and hopefully all of the content will be back in 2 weeks time. Some of it is back up now, but the download speed is crap. I will be running it off a 768 upload dsl connection, until I can raise enough money (work and donations) to get a fractional t-1 to my house, and then the real fun can begin.

ALso… while I am at it redoing the site, what would you like to see in addition to the music? Bit torrents? Forums?

ya know, torrents ARE great way to distribute files. You should do links so the download files would go to trackers, and keep the regular http download links too if that’s possible.


Yes it all started with someone asking for GG songs. Dude if you need some anime music whether CD or burned I’ll hit you up. I would like to donate (for reals I would) but right now money wise for me sucks. Hopefully I’ll get a new job this summer.

I’ve been looking for Chaos Legion sound track for so long. I’ve gotten so much from the site I thought it would be rude of me to ask for more.

Torrents are bandwidth savers. For newer files, offer torrent only for a week or two, so that people will use those. After a set period of time, set up normal direct dl servers.
For the old files, set up optional BT servers, and request people to use those if possible.

Maybe you should dedicate it to just music uploads/downloads. You can centralize your forums to this very thread. The torrent idea is nice as well and I used to remember that you had a shitload of other random music. It was great, I hope you get it back up and running like it was before.

Can someone hook me up with the Streets of Rage OSTs, or ASTs?

Oh I intend too.