Shadowloo Showdown 2010 - December 11-12,2010 with Tokido,Mago and Gamerbee

Hello everyone,

      I just thought of sharing the link for this tournament that's coming up in December. Tokido, Mago and Gamerbee will be there. I did not see a thread for this particular event so I went ahead and made one to advertise it.

The event will be run in Melbourne, Australia on December 11th ? 12th at the Rydges Hotel.

For complete information, here is the link to their website:
Shadowloo Showdown 2010: December 11-12th | Shadowloo

Thanks for that Shibakun. Wasn’t sure if it might have been too late to post it here considering how late we started to plan the event.
But I guess it’s a good idea to get the word out for those who might not visit the SRK front page.

Also, just a quick update, the Shadowloo Showdown Website is now live, you can check it out below for those interested.
Shadowloo Showdown 2010

If you happen to be in Oz on that weekend, or plan on taking a holiday soon, below is the registration page.
Shadowloo Showdown 2010

Thanks guys. =]

Does anyone know where the stream can be watched???