Shadows of past nightmares (AKA random SC crap KFM wandered across while researching)

Random stuff I’ve run across from not too long ago and this evening while researching Soul Calibur characters for wikipedia to keep myself busy. And you get the spoils of some of the more fun crap I found!

The bits that read “not on the site” are refering to things not in usual galleries, such as Some bits might be repeated too: gotta remember I ended up digging through this piece by piece, which a) almost drove me nuts :stuck_out_tongue: and b) resulted in getting some pages after I’d put some images up. But eh, tradeoffs.

Enjoy, hopefully.

Greg Capullo rendition of Necrid
Chibi Soul Calibur! (No Edge Master)
Chibi Soul Calibur II! (No Spawn)
and while I’m at it for you 2D fighting game fans, Chibi Capcom vs. SNK 2!

And from Namco’s own US dojo
8 bit Soulcalibur?
Oh and here’s the missing Ivy link:
Someone said this one was missing too when they looked so here it is:

Have some of this
And a little of this!
And maybe one of these!
This too.
All wallpapers?

SC1 Astaroth (diff from site)
SC1 Mitsurugi (diff from site)
SC1 Xianghua (diff from site)
Chibi SC1 Ivy
Chibi SC1 Kilik
Chibi SC1 Maxi
Chibi SC1 Mitsurugi
Chibi SC1 Xianghua

SC1 Poster not on the site
Alt 2
Poster page from the site, with a poster #5

Smilies from their forum :P:

SC1 Edge Master desktop
SC1 Maxi desktop
SC1 Mitsurugi desktop
SC1 Sophitia desktop
SC1 Taki desktop
SC1 Ivy desktop
SC1 Voldo desktop
SC1 Xianghua desktop
SC1 Yoshimitsu desktop
All desktops

Edge Master concept art. With a thank you note?
Inferno! And he’s minty too!
Lizardman concept art
SC1 Maxi concept art, not on the site
Another SC1 Maxi one not on the site
Another…sadly only a thumbnail was recorded…
SC1 Xianghua concept art not on the site
More Xianghua
Even more
Even more?!
Hey all these links seem to work

Hwang, Mitsurugi, Ivy, Xianghua, and Kilik movies?

Winamp skin with Kilik’s mug, but the link doesn’t work anymore

The old site for SC2, since we’re winding down for web archive
For all you Hwang fans
And the Edge Master fans
SC1 Ivy’s page
SC1 Kilik’s page
SC1 Lizardman’s page
SC1 Maxi’s page
SC1 Seong Mi-na’s page
SC1 Mitsurugi’s page
SC1 Nightmare’s page
SC1 Rock’s page
SC1 Siegfried’s page
SC1 Sophitia’s page
SC1 Taki’s page
SC1 Voldo’s page
SC1 Xianghua’s page
SC1 Yoshimitsu’s page

Windows themes, though only the first link works. NOt that it really matters though as outdated as the stuff is…
EDIT: The links actually do seem to work, just use the actual link intended as they’re still on the namcoarcade site.

SC1 tourney retrospectives

A goodies hub

Background on the lugs that made Astaroth

Movies via web archive. Download them while they’re hot!

Damn awesome unused designs Shin_DIO turned up for SC1

Translation of Namco Bandai’s omake manga guide that explains the game’s systems.

Backups of downloads from the Namco Arcade website. Has various goodies.