Shadows of the Damned- Enlarge your johnson


so i searched, and hmm, no thread for this, and its due out in a couple weeks. so i shall waste some time in my life to put yall onto some shit that looks hot as fuck. im sure some of you have seen this around, but lemme lay the goods out for you to judge for yourself.

Shadows of the Damned - TGS 2010: Debut Trailer | HD

Shadow of the Damned: Official Gameplay Trailer

Shadows of the Damned - Enlarge Your Johnson

Shadows of the Damned Preview

**Shadows of the Damned - My Sweet Johnson!trailer

and this gametrailers link is just a link to everything thats come out.

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That looks sick. And it has good creators, slick graphics, humor. How the hell did I miss this one.

Props for the info


Gameplay by Shinji Mikami (RE4, Vanquish)
Story/Design by Suda 51 (No More Heroes, other quirky shit)

I’ll buy it when I see a decent deal.


yeah, i figured id make a thread because i had a feeling this game probably went way over peoples heads. your welcome good sir :slight_smile:

i love the angle, fucking punk rock, grindhouse, and demons from hell i need to kill. boom, im in there.


i wonder if they will release a demo for this? are there any sites to check to see when future demos will release. i need to play dis shat!

edit. heres another link for that my sweet johnson trailer. appeared to have been taken down on the other link


I read “Enlarge your johnson” in the thread title expecting something more interesting:(
Alas, my johnson shall remain the same size…


lol. buy the game, your dick will get bigger :tup:


Game is out in a week and still no reviews. Embargos are bullshit.


Holyshit this game looks amazing like a fucked up Gears of Hell.


ugh, some of those links are broken now, but you can just copy and paste it into youtube or watch everything on the gametrailers account. i cant wait for this game!


Hopefully this turns out well, did a full pre-order two weeks ago since I wanted that soundtrack.


Heh can’t believe I missed this thread. Hope this game does well. I don’t think I’ve ever played a Suda51 game before so this’ll be my first from him.


Your missing out. Killer 7 and No More Heroes are amazing. Suda51 games are not without their issues but his games are always tons of fun and the stories are awesome and crazy. Im hoping for greart things with Shadows of the Damned especially with Mikami on board.


Shadows Of The Damned Big Boner Gameplay ( NEW )

Shadows of the Damned - Bird Boss Battle Trailer


Shadows Of The Damned Gameplay ( HD )


This game will most likely fail thanks to lack of advertising.

How many of you hadn’t heard of this game until this thread? Exactly. And it’s coming out in a WEEK?

Shame, 'cause it looks pretty interesting.

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yeah, thats why i made the thread, unfortunately a bit late, but whatevs. yeah it comes out tuesday, and i should be picking it up sometime next week. the dude with the hd gameplay footage has 4 new vids of sotd on his page in total. i hope word spreads eventually and it does well. it looks like a hell of a game to play


I’ve known about it for a year thanks to…ooh I don’t know, the internet and gaming publications. It’s not very difficult to find a game if you are a gamer. I’ve had a pre-ordered for a while but waited to pay it off until I was satisfied with the game play, I like it’s look and paid it off going on three weeks ago. Can’t wait, since Duke is very hit or miss with me right now.


Yea I’ve been following this for around a year myself.


Man this game has entirely too many penis jokes…

"Look at the size of this meat!"Camera pans to demon thigh meat

Still looks mad fun though…

Too bad I’m tossing my money at a PSPGo… some other time I guess…