Shady fightstick traded in. Anyone lose one?

So, today these dudes came in to the Huntington Play N Trade to trade in some goods. Our guy says they smelled like weed, looked real shifty and acted like they were in a hurry (without him asking, they told him they didn’t have ID and that they got the item “at christmas, but never really used it.”) The item in question was a -pristine- Round 1 Street Fighter Four TE fightstick, in the box (box was beat up and open, but in the box) with the USB port and everything intact. Seriously, the thing doesn’t have a fingerprint on it. They got paid and left, and he immediately called me about it.

We’re gonna hold onto it for now, but there’s debate over whether we should sell. Fightsticks don’t sell very well here, though, so it might be a while. If you’re in that situation, with your new Round 1 Madcatz SF4 TE missing or stolen, call us up or come here.

303 Main St
Huntington Village, NY 11743
(631) 629-4711

We also play vidya james. Come do that.

I hate to totally disregard the topic, but in the chance that you decide to sell it, how much would it be and would you ship?

Yo how much?

People from all over the world read this forum. If you want to reach people who live in New York, you are better off posting here.

Though I can tell you with a reasonable degree of certainty that it wasn’t stolen from Beijing. :stuck_out_tongue:

man dawg, i did get it at christmas, i didnt steal it

I think it’s really cool of you to do this, man, but I have to ask the begged question: How are you going to know who the rightful owner is if/when somebody comes in to claim it???

how do you know


Stick got sold. Sorry, folks. :C