Shadyk vs Dark Prince MM

this is in the process of being set up for sometime in the next 20 days.

it will be on console.

official date has yet to be announced. official venue has not yet been announced…

Im assuming Watson will play bookie again…

will update as details unravel.

let’s get this money

DPC is straight sending niggas to college.


Keep us updated

ShadyK all day

Do you always have to win threads? :rofl:

Nah… that’s Sam homie.

College takes loot.

ShadyK wins with Mag/Sent/Capcom

hahahahaha !!!:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

IF you think about it DP might win the ShadyK MM just because now his has something to prove , or people will think he is a shit talking scrub with steroid taking hitchman lol…

Also good shit to ClockW0rk 10 - 4 he straight breasted yo…

Can i paypal someone money to bet, i wanna drop like a g on shady

You should have seen how pissed Sam was at him. I caught a pic of that shit HERE


:rofl::rofl: my highschool gave me brochures on financial aid and one of the options was money match dpc

edit:whats the word on the pot?

Shit, throw another tourny at Cal Poly and do it on console like we were doing with the MM near the small cab.

:rofl: man

Real fuckin talk!!!

DPC is the founder/CEO of the United Marvel College Fund.:rofl:

i got 100 on shady mother fucking K <3

everyone quotin this mofo so id thought id do it too ROFL!!! :rofl: :rofl: :lol:

Financial AID what?!!