shaft breaker

Is there a max number of hits possible for this move? I tried for a few minutes but couldn’t get more than 18, maybe 17 I forget if I comboed into it. I was scared of breaking my wrist or stick doing it, but has anyone got any more than this?

I believe 17 is max at level 3 without comboing into it… but I heard from stupid Ricky aka HeloKiTe that he hit up to 22 which he said it was some glitched because it went way up into the air.

great avatar taesty

Thanks pop. I actually didn’t make it myself. It’s courtesy of CHICKEN. He always tells me to give credit where it’s due so…

CHICKEN U MOFO! here’s ur credit

you sure it’s 17?

because once when i KO-ed somebody with lvl 3 move, i got about 21 or 22… you know how shit slows down when you KO someone? if you mash like hell during that time, you get alot of hits…

but i don’t know can somebody confirm this? i’m curious