Shaft cover?


I just bought a clear dustwasher for my TE fightstick and I was wondering if it was the right one?

What I bought : Tek-Innovations Arrow Dustwasher, Clear for JLF with Shaft Cover

Or should I have gotten the one that didn’t require shaft cover and when do joysticks not have a shaft cover(I am guessing cabs?).

Thanks guys.


The only difference between the dust washer for the one with shaft cover is it has a bigger center hole to accommodate/fit the shaft cover.


The difference in hole diameter is actually rather significant. Without the proper one not only would it look obviously off and be rendered pointless, but it’ll also slide around a whole bunch.


Just imagine a dust washer that has a gap on a bare joystick shaft due to a bigger hole, it won’t keep the dust out/do it’s intended purpose properly.


Your TE has Sanwa JLF with Shaft Cover.


Thanks again JDM I was double checking. Common sense told me when I spun around my shaft cover while holding my balltop but I wanted to make sure.


But you can remove it if you want.
Then just get Dust Disc made for without Shaft Cover.


Then what is the point of a shaft cover then? I’m probably going to take it off and paint it. What kind of paint should i use… just spraypaint?Thanks.


Even normal Sanwa JLF come without Shaft Cover.
Shaft Cover is just an add-on.


i like the chrome look of not having a shaft cover. makes it look like a vintage arcade stick


No shaft cover for any of mine either.
I like it raw! :badboy:


Just FYI.

Here is the link madcatz store website. It has multiple colored TE bezels and multiple colored JLF stick shaft covers and dust washers. It’s worth a look.

Arcade Sticks Parts - GameShark Store


The point of a shaft cover is to keep corrosion from setting in.

Most people don’t like the chrome to become cruddy or the shaft metal to rust…

Every stick equipped with a JLF or JLF-clone that I’ve ever bought has always had the shaft cover.

The only Japanese sticks that I know of that don’t have shaft covers are JLW’s and LS-32’s. You have to custom-make shaft covers for those sticks. All other sticks come with shaft covers or the covers are an option.

To paint the shaft cover — which I wouldn’t; I’d get a colored shaft cover instead — you have to buy paint for metal. Rustoleum and Krylon have tons of paint colors for metal that are enamel variety…


VOLTECH does powdercoating for Shafts.
It is cool.


Powdercoating is cool!

Probably better looking than plastic or paint for sure!


I wonder how much of you guys got rust in the shaft. (and i wonder if i can use mine that way with no worries)