shaft cover

this is probably a stupid question, but is the shaft cover that comes with JLF sticks necessary for some purpose? I dont really like the thickness it adds to the JLF shaft.

Also, are there any dust washers that do not leave a gap when the JLF has no shaft cover?

I have 1 dust washer like that but I want to find a second.

No it is not needed. They sell no shaft cover dust washers on or


ah I see, thanks!

Really? You think the shaft cover makes the stick TOO thick?

HOW are you holding your joystick then…? By the shaft instead of the ball handle which is the proper way to handle a Japanese stick???

Here’s a clue on WHY the shaft covers are standard for the JLF… What do you suppose happens over time to metal exposed to salt and all that other nice stuff in greasy sweat???

Metal RUSTS when exposed to corrosive agents like salt and sweat UNLESS it’s been treated chemically to resist corrosion. Do you honestly think Sanwa is going to invest in stainless steel for arcade parts???

Question to the first statement you made because of a lack of grammar and punctuation. I can’t tell if you are saying you are supposed to hold it by the shaft or not, but there is no right way to hold a joystick, and most major players actually hold it around the shaft. If he has small hands, that shaft cover will be uncomfortable for him.

Yeah, metal rusts, and you know what, that shaft is less than $3, and it is given a chrome coat, so it probably won’t rust very quickly. We are looking at maybe one or two shafts a year, at most, and even then I doubt that, the SEGA Astro City cabs came stock with Joysticks that lacked shaft covers. The cabs are manufactured with profit in mind, so the cover isn’t necessary, and just another item that can break.

There, fixed George’s post to say what it really means.

Here’s a clue for you as well. Some people like me hold a stick wineglass style between the middle and ring finger. My ring finger rests against the shaft cover. I know quite a few people who do this and they have some big ol’ sausage fingers. Removal of the shaft cover would make this type of grip more comfortable for them. Next time before you go all “OMG how do you not know this” on people you should view what is being asked from a different perspective than your own. It will save your poor keyboards ? key in the long run.

I hold my stick by the balltop, however the side of my ring finger and the tips of my other fingers rest against the shaft. When there is a shaft cover attatched I cannot get as good of a grip on the balltop as I can without the shaft cover. (no I do not have huge fat fingers)

No need to flame me over it.

You should try the Durex Ultra-Thin shaft covers.

Hm, then wouldn’t a bigger ball top be a better solution?

no I tried them they feel weird.