Shaking hands before or after matches. i get it but


i tried to find maybe a recent thread on this, but i couldnt, or the search engine isnt the best. so a lot of us have seen this mentioned before, whether a thread on it, or most likely a couple pages of rambling in a tournament aftermath thread.

like, i get it in sports like football, basketball, rugby, soccer, ect… you’re both hustling your asses off up and down the field or court, sweating, tired, pushing it, ect…, and after such a battle, unless your a bench warmer, you probably feel like, damn, good shit, i gotta shake ya hand on that hustle son. now for some reason i dont get it all to much in e-sports. i guess arguably its still a battle, but a different kind, so it shouldnt be treated any less, but i cant honestly say im a fan of all this fucking hand shaking shit.

i aint no og, and i havent been to every tournament, or read every crevice of srk, but when did shaking hands become popular after matches? i even seen people shake on casuals once or twice. wtf. even when i watch people shake up, sometimes it just looks uncomfortable. its like both people are just like, lets get this the fuck out the way, i dont wanna shake your hand, but i dont wanna be a dick head, and you possibly rage over something dumb. especially considering how hype some people can get. they might take you not shaking their hand as some type of disrespect, so they gonna get extra hype on a win, when really you might just be like, i dont know you, dont know where your hands of been, and im just here to play, fuck shaking your hand.

there is obviously no way the community can come up with something about shaking or not shaking. your just gonna have to be a bold motherfucker and be like, yeah okay, hit start, and the other person gonna have to keep it movin. lol. i dont know, we all come from different backgrounds, before some lil whinny baby comes in here and tells me im a douche bag for not wanting to shake your hand, but that shit was all weird to me when someone did that to me back in the tekken 5 days. im like, wtf is the shaking shit. im use to people poppin off on the basketball court, and just walking the fuck away telling you to kiss their ass, or people in the arcade poppin off, and when you lose, you walk the fuck off, not try to good game shake my hand.

im not trying to sound like a dick, or a tough guy, but i dont wanna shake your fucking hand. i want you to plug your shit in, and lets start playing. i wouldnt take any offense if for some reason god possessed me and tried to make me shake someones hand, and i got denied by dude. oh well, guess he just wants to get this shit going. i dont know, thats just me, you dont have to say good games after every match, you dont need to shake my hand ever, and dont tell me good shit when you just got perfected, or you perfected me. its not good shit. lol. i aint to serious or nothing like that at all, i can take a joke, or a lil hype, and it aint like im gonna start throwing blows over a game, but im just curious how people feel on the hand shaking at the very least.

i mean, just sitting down and playing, and walking away is not exactly a dick head move in my opinion.


i dont really want to after a match most of the time, but for me, before, it’s just kind of like saying “hey alright, let’s play a game.” in casuals and “Good luck, may the best man win” in tourney matches.

after a match, if they put it out, i’ll be like alright fine. not doing so seems rude and i’m never really that pissed off about losing.


i do usually say “good game(s)” though


I usually shake after a match with a complete stranger. A gesture of goodwill I guess.


Yeah, because that’s exactly the kind of sportsmanship the scene needs.

Keep in mind that not everyone lives in inner city Detroit and/or is socially retarded.



If your opponent loses and walks away immediately then I wouldn’t recommend hounding them for a handshake. Odds are that they are frustrated and need to cool and off and they want to simply be left alone. Pursuing someone who clearly is angry over a loss is an asshole move in my opinion. Yeah, maybe they didn’t need to yank the controller from the console and storm off, but chasing them down for a handshake is poor sportsmanship as well. You know they are frustrated, just leave them alone. Two wrongs doesn’t make a right.

I would almost always recommend letting the losing player initiate a handshake.

After John Choi beat Ohnuki in the EVO2008 ST grand finals they both immediately stood up, turned to each, and shook hands and smiled. No one jumped up and down and ran across the stage. It was pretty relaxed for both of them, despite the announcers having aneurysms, and the crowd sounding like it had been set on fire.

And yeah, maybe if you’re in the grand finals, and you win, then you might have enough adrenaline to need to jump up and down. So doing an immediate handshake after taking a title at EVO might be an unrealistic expectation. But the OP sounds like he’s talking about matches far before the grand finals where that kind of celebration would be wildly inappropriate and a handshake would probably be enough closure to the match.


Just be like Kuroda and walk off, and don’t acknowledge your opponent.


I don’t shake peoples’ hands if they suck. But if they are cool and didn’t do anything beforehand, I guess I’ll shake their hand (hence vote #3).

If I respect them, I’ll put my hand out first. If I don’t get a shake and lost, I don’t take it personally because the opponent may have thought I was free.

If the opponent thinks he’s good, and is not, as well as lost…I stand up and walk out without saying anything.


I shake hands as much as possible because I love touching dudes. :shy:


Congratulations, you’re a fucking dick.

Way to make people continue thinking of competitive gamers as douchebags, don’t enough people hate us already? Disrespectful little pricks like you give the scene almost as bad a name as Smash kids.

Kill yourself.


im gonna be nice to you, because i have gone to pm’s over you before, because your an idiot.

my quote was just saying the environment i was use to, and why i might not be all lovey dovey over a fighting game to even want to shake your hand. good shit i lost, or good shit i won, unplug, moving on. i dont know where your from, but you dont have to be from the inner city ghetto to have witnessed or experienced what i was talking about. most street ball games just ended with a walk off, and people snappin on each other, or possibly someone heated, and arcades were hype, and i cant recall no hole lot of handshaking and all this going on, and it was equally as competitive in an arcade, as a tourney.

but i dont know, thats just me, even when people shook after flag football in middle school, i was always like, games over, lets go, who cares. lol. im just gonna kuroda niggaz at evo2k10. lol. im not against it as a whole for the community, because there is no argument for that, but i was just curious of peoples opinion, in case anyone missed that. my first post was mad long.


This isn’t street basketball, this is Street Fighter. Why you’re even comparing the two is ridiculous. Two different games, two different mindsets.

But if you want to keep continuing this stereotype, be my guest. People will get the wrong idea from you and end up thinking less of the scene as a result. People already think we hate to have fun and disrespect other players automatically. It isn’t true, but people like you make it seem that way to some people.


how am i a dick because i dont want to shake your hand. people dont think shit of competitive gamers anyways. AT ALL. LOL, what world do you live in where anyone is ever ever discussing the manners of competitive gamers. thats all an illusion you have created for youself because you are within the gaming community, but really, no one actually cares. no one at all! if everyone tomorrow decided no one shakes hands at tournaments anymore, we’re all dicks all of a sudden. that makes no sense. you okay, son? you should probably calm the fuck down a little. i should bring that up at the bar while talking to a female, or the bartender. “hey, you ever seen how rude competitive gamers are sometimes? sheesh.”. “competitive who?” lol!

who hates us? please, tell me where competitive gamers are the top of the subject anywhere. whos hating on us outside of us? please, inform me. i mean, you can be so bold to call me a dick head, and a prick, so i would be most interested to know whos side lining us, judging people when they dont shake hands. ha ha. srk at its finest. " YOU DONT SHAKE HANDS! SO YOUR A DICK, BRO! I WANNA SHAKE YOUR FUCKING HAND, MAN."


Look up the term “tourneyfag”.

This is what most people think of us.

YOU’RE the one living in your own little world if you think there isn’t some sort of problem.

Casual gaming is a fad now, softcore ‘gamers’ have taken over. It’s sad but it’s true. Look at the Wii’s sales, and look at what games are selling most for it.


If the last round ends in a timeout you have to trade handjobs!


what are the two mindsets? please elaborate. if anything i MIGHT be more inclined to shake a hand after a hard basketball game, then a best of 3 match in marvel, but thats just me. why should i be more inclined to shake your hand because im playing street fighter with you, then just walk away after the games over like i would after something like a street ball match.

what stereotype? i just said im not a fan of shaking hands after a match. i want to unplug and walk away. we’re not friends, i most likely dont want to be your friend, i won, or you won, good shit, lemme go get my mind up for the next match. people act like talking shit or win/lose move on is some new movement, hence why marvel gets the most flack for it, but a lot of people tend to just take a win or lost, and walk away when they can without some face to face buddy buddy. its all good, but if you like to do it, fine, why the fuck are you attacking me because im not a fan of it.

i knew someone was gonna come in and get all whinny over handshakes, but your entitled to your rage.


Fuck it, you’re too thick headed. I’m done.

You’re probably gonna quit the game soon anyways, good luck making friends in the community. You’ll be wondering why you’ll end up with no new local comp soon enough.


Pot meet kettle. If people are going to look at competitive gamers as douchebags for skipping out on a hand shake after a match, they certainly will look at them as douchebags when they ask eachother to kill themselves over differences in opinion on sportsmanship.


Germs. Ew.

Fist bump like Barack and Michelle.


Internet arguments are serious business.

I take back the kill yourself comment, but my point stands.

BLATANTLY REFUSING to shake someone’s hand still makes you look like a dick.


Kuroda is a G.